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Amaras Altol


Male - Amarr - Amarr - True Amarr

Born June 2011

Corporation: Primatech Industries Ltd.

Alliance: (None)



EVE University Alumnus

PI.L Director of Research

Past Corporations:

Primatech Industries Ltd.

EVE University


Eve Academic University

Estel Arador Corp

Royal Amarr Institute

Past Alliances:

Ivy League

Past Titles:

EVE University Graduate

PI.L Director

PI.L Manager

PI.L Member

PI.L Junior Member

PI.L Recruit

EVE University Hangar Offcier

ILN Pilot

EVE University Industry

EVE University POS Research

EVE University Sophomore

EVE University Alpha

EVE University Freshman

EVE University Student


Classes Taken

Advanced Incursions, Advanced PVP Tactics, Advanced Trading, Aggression 101, Amarr Ships 101, Amarr Ships 102, Armour Tanking, Assualt Frigates in PVP, Automatic Price Lookups in Googledocs, Battlecruisers 101, Becoming a Teacher & Teaching, Blueprints 101, Bombers Bar - Hunter Training, Bombers Bar - Fleet Training, Bombers Bar - Fleet Training, Bombers Bar - Hunter Training, Bombers Bar - Recon Basic Training, Bookmarks 101, Boosters, Caldari Ships 101, Caldari Ships 102, Capacitor Management 101, Capital Ships, Carriers 101, Combat and Logistics Drones, Combat Probing 101, Command 101, Command Ships 101, Corporation Management, Costomizable API Keys 101, D-Scan 101, Damage Dealing 101, Datacore Farming 101, Destroyers and Wolfpack Tactics, Directional Scanner and Star Map, Drones 101, Drones 102, E-UNI Imposters, E-UNI Ship Support Skills, ECM Jamming 101, Electronic Attack Frigates 101, Electronic Warfare 101, Electronic Warfare 102, Electronic Warfare 103, Electronic Warfare 104, Emergency Introduction to War, Emergency PvP, Escape 101. EVE Careers 101, EVE History, Evemon and EFT, Fitting 101, Factional Warfare 101, Factional Warfare 102, Fleet Combat Training, Fleet Commanding 101, Fleets 101, FLEETS102 - Fleet Comms, FLEETS103 - Fleet Combat, FLEETS201 - Fleet Tactics, FLEETS211 - Squad Command, FLEETS322 - Destroyer Wolf Pack, Freighter 101, Frigates and Hydra Principle, Gallente PvE Ships and Fittings, Gallente Ships 101, Going Really Fast 101, Gunnery 101, Gunnery 201, Hauling 101, Hauling 101 with Red Frog, Hauling 201: Low Sec Hauling, Hauling Under Fire, Impromptu Trading, Incursions 101, Incursions 102, Incursions 201, Intel 101, Intermediate Gunnery, Introduction to Cross Campus Initiative, Introduction to EVE Careers, Introduction to EVE University, Introduction to E-UNI Incursions, Introduction to Exploration, Introduction to Fitting, Introduction to Industry, Introduction to the Wormhole Campus, Introductioon to Nullsec, Introduction To The Null Sec Campus, Introduction to PvP, FLEETS211 - Squad Command, Introduction to War, Introduction to WSOP, Jump Clones 101, Kiting - Disengaging and Baiting, Living in Nullsec, Logistics Ships 101, Low sec Null sec Survival, Making a Difference in the UNI, Manufacturing 101, Maps 294 - Overpowered Mapping, Maximizing DPS, Messing With Your Head, Mining 101, Mining 102, Mining Boss 101, Minmatar Ships 101,Minmatar Ships 102, Missilery 101, Missioning 101, Nanos 101, New Assault Frigates in PvP, Overheating 101, Overheating/Overloading 101, Passive Tanking 101, Planetary Interaction 101, Player-Owned Starbases 101, Practical Guide to T2 Manufacturing, PVE Under Fire, PvP 201: Basic Ship Fitting Theory, PVP Fittings and Strategy, Remote Armor Repair, Remote Shield Repair, Research and Production 101, Salvaging 101, Sansha Ships 101, Scouting 101, Scouting and Intel 101, Scouting in Wormholes 203, Security Status 101, Shield Tanking 101, Ship Fitting, Ship Fitting 101, Ship Fitting 102, Ship Fitting 103, Ship Fitting 104, Ship Fitting 105, Skullduggery 101, Small-Sided PvP Considerations, Solo PvP: Combat Covops, Solo PvP: Navy Frigates, Standings 101, Starmaps 101, Station Trading 101, Station Trading 102, Stealth Bombers 101, Stealth Bombing 101A, Strategic Cruisers 101, Sovereignty 1, Suicide ganking 101, Supercapitals, Super Sunday, Tackling 101, Tackling 102, Tackling 201: Fleet Interceptors, Tactical Fleet Basics, Tanking 101, Introduction to Tech 2 Production, Tracking Disruption 101, TRADE101 - Introduction to Trading, TRADE102 - Station Trading, TRADE201 - Advanced Trading, TRECI 101 & Apprenticeship X, TRECI: Remote Reps, TRECI: Strategic Cruisers 101, Turret Mechanics, Understanding Stacking Penalties, War 101, WSOP & Station Trading, Wiki 101, Wormhole Exploration and PVE, Wormholes 100, Wormholes 101, Wormholes 201, Wormholes 301

Lectures Attended

Adhocracy Hunting in Wspace, Agony Basic Fleet Command Seminar, Agony Bubbles in 0.0, Agony Scouts and Skirmishers in PVP, Agony Small Ship PvP, Agony Soloing for Success, All About Battlecruisers, All About Incursions, Anti-Hulkageddon Briefing, Aperture Harmonics Navigating Wormholespace, Avoiding Suicide Ganks in Hisec, Basic Production,Black Ops and Scamming, Bubbles & Interdictors, Capital Ships in High Class Wormholes, Counterintelligence and Social Engineering, CVA and running a NRDS alliance, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Empire Wars & The History of Privateer Alliance, EVE Travelogue, EVE University - Past Present and Future, Factional Warfare 1, Factional Warfare 2, Factional Warfare 3, Factional Warfare 4, Factional Warfare 5, Factional Warfare 6, Fanctional Warfare 7, Frigate PvP in 0.0, History and Politics of Eve, History of the Geminate Region, How I Became an Eve Billionaire, How to be a Successful Leader in EVE, Individuality and Freedom in EVE, Landmarks in New Eden, Life After the UNI, Incursions, Life in Nulsec, Living in Nullsec, Management Philosophy, Modern Fleets & State of 0.0, Nearly Almost Everything about Wormhole Space, Nullsec Life, Nullsec Politics and Nullsec Life, Piracy Avoidance, Planetary Interaction, POS Setup and Maintenance, Running Multiple Accounts, Safe Traveling in Hostile Space, Sanfrey's Drunken PVP, Secondary Main Character Skill Point Planning, Secondary Support Character Skill Planning, Signal Cartel - what a Corp offers for non PvP player, Solo Emerging Conduit, Solo PvP, Starting out as an FC, Strategic Cruisers - T3 Ships, Suicide Ganking, The Dark Side of Eve, The Evolution of 0.0 Fleet Warfare, The Fall Of J233255, The Fountain War - A History of Gaming's Biggest War, The Great High Security Loop, The Guide to Making ISK 1 - Starting with Mining, Trading and then Manufacturing, The Guide to Making ISK 2 - Managing Multiple Businesses, The Guide to Making ISK 3 - Friends and Enemies, The Guide to Making ISK 4 - Titan Production, The Necessity of Espionage, The 6 Most EVIL & NOTORIOUS Player Types!, This is KarmaFleet, Titans and Supercarriers: Up Close, University Fleet Ravens, Wormholelife - Blogging and more with Ashy in Space, Wormhole Industry and Production, 4 PVP Tricks

Work Groups

DNS Covert Warfare Clinic, Electronic Warfare Study Group Weekly, EVE Online Roundtable, EVE University Mentor Program, Fleet Commander Roundtable - Effective Fleet Command, Fleet Commander Roundtable - Fleet Composition and Doctrine, Fleet Operations Laboratory 101, Fleet Operations Laboratory 102, Living in Lowsec Roundtable, Ponywaffe vs. Ivy Debriefing, Silvonus's Super Scouting Series, TRECI C5-C5 Wormhole Roundtable, Wormhole Roundtable

Special Events

Aayllaa Lowsec and 0.0 Q&A, Arek'Jalaan Panel Discussion, Azual Skoll Q&A, Bombers Bar - Over 110 Bomber, Brave Collective T1 Manufacturing Practical, British Bulldog, CSM7 Chairman Seleene Q&A, CSM8 Vice-Chairman and EVE Blogger Ripard Teg Q&A, EVE Bug Hunting and QA featuring CCP, EVE Lore Panel, EVE Online General Q&A, EVE University Fanfest 2012 Q&A with CCP Navigator, EVE University Management Q&A, Chribba Q&A, DUST 514 Update Q&A, Eion Xis EWar Q&A,  Game Design in Eve: Q&A with Seleene, Hauling for ISK, Hunting in Wspace, Ian Chisholm Q&A, Impromptu TRECI Wormhole Class, Incursion Q&A, Incursion running with EvE-University 1st ever HQ, Interview with CCP Unifex & CCP Seagull, Le Soltueur FC Q&A, Mining Under Fire, No SOP Month, Noir Hellscream Q&A, Odyssey Q&A, Operation Neptune, Piracy Q&A, Ponywaffe vs. Ivy Nullsec Engagement, PvP in Wormholes Panel Discussion, Seleene Q&A Session with Dri Kulsane and Mordred, Shadoo 'leader of Pandemic Legion' on Effective Fleet Command Q&A, Sinqlaison Q&A, TeaDaze Q&A, TRECI Wormhole Q&A, E-Uni Tutorial non-Blob Fleets, Nerevar Dwemor Life in a Corp Q&A, Varius Arcturus Wormholes - Nullsec and Agony Unleashed Q&A


Advanced Planetary Interaction, Advanced Scanning, Afterburners and Microwarpdrives, Amarr Conduit Runner, Attributes and Neural Remaps, Blitzing Level 4 Missions, Cloaking and Microwarpdrive Execution, Complete Frigate PVP Gameplay Guide, Complex Scanning, Concord Response Time, Drone Lessons, Effective Scan Probing, Engaging a Gate Camp, Exploration and Escalation, Gas Mining and Scanning for ISK, Gate Crash - Technique and Examples, Generating Great Income with Market Trading, Hacking - The Rule of 6's, How to Anchor Custom's Office, How to Cut Cost in Planetary Interaction, How to find Data and Relic Sites in High Sec, How to make an Instant Undock Bookmark, How to take a Titan Bridge, Industry - Tech 1 Production, Industry for the Little Guy, Initiation and Setting up Solo PVP Engagements, Introduction to Bookmarks, Introduction to Directional Scanner, Introduction to Fitting, Introduction to Fitting - Demonstration, Introduction to Incursions, Introduction to Missions and Standings, Introduction to Racial Ships and Weapons, Kill Rights, Killing Tackle and On-Grid Seperation, Laser Turrets, Market Trading, Low Sec Pirate Life, Offensive Capabilities of the Directional Scanner, Operating an Athanor for Moon Mining, Planetary Interaction, Planetary Interaction - P2 Demonstration, Planetary Interaction - Efficient Colony Building,Planetary Interaction - P3 Demonstration, Planetary Interaction Single-Planet P3, Market - Orders, Market - Price History, Meta Levels, Missiles - Introduction and Types, Planetary Interaction - POS Fuel Production Chain, Planetary Interaction Setup - High Sec, Planetary Interaction Walk Through, Scouting, Ship Fitting, Small Gang and Solo PvP, Small Gang Engagement, Solo Deimos PVP, Solo Myrmidon 0.0 PvP, Solo Shield Rupture 0.0 PvP, Solo Wolf 0.0 PvP, Structure Fuel Costs, Support Skills, Survival Escape & Evasion Guide, Surviving Lowsec, Tech-2 & Faction Close Range Ammo, The Blood-Stained Stars, The Economy of EVE Online, The Economy of EVE Online - Part 2 - The Robot Problem, The Economy of EVE Online - Part 3 - Mega Projects, The Mineral Shift, Top 10 Tips for New Players, VNE Ratting Guide during Deployment



UNIGradMedal.PNG  - EVE University Graduate

UNIResoluteDefenderMedal.png  - Resolute Defender of EVE University

PILSDS.PNG  - Primatech Industries Ltd. Star of Dedicated Service   (x2)

PILSM.PNG  - Primatech Industries Ltd. Service Medal

Ribbon-Graduate.png   - EVE University Graduate

Ribbon-Resolute Sentinel.png   - Resolute Sentinel

Killer 3d.gif   - Legion of Merit

Damagedealer 3d.gif   - Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Loser 3d.gif   - Purple Heart

Battlecruiser elite 3d.gif   - Elite            Battlecruiser veteran 3d.gif   - Veteran      Battlecruiser expert 3d.gif   - Expert Battlecruiser Pilot

Kb cruiser elite 3d.gif   - Elite            Kb cruiser veteran 3d.gif   - Veteran      Cruiser expert 3d.gif   - Expert Cruiser Pilot

Destroyer elite 3d.gif   - Elite            Destroyer veteran 3d.gif   - Veteran      Destroyer expert 3d.gif   - Expert Destroyer Pilot

Frigate veteran 3d.gif   - Veteran      Frigate expert 3d.gif   - Expert Frigate Pilot

Ew elite 3d.gif   - Elite            Ew veteran 3d.gif   - Veteran      Ew expert 3d.gif   - Expert Electronic Warfare Operator

Missile expert 3d.gif   - Expert Missle Launcher Operator

Drone elite 3d.gif   - Elite            Drone veteran 3d.gif   - Veteran      Drone expert 3d.gif   - Expert Drone Operator

Projectile expert 3d.gif   - Expert Projectile Turret Gunner

Hybrid veteran 3d.gif   - Veteran      Hybrid expert 3d.gif   - Expert Hybrid Turret Gunner

Ribbon-Hangar Officer.png   - Hangar Officer

Ribbon-Sophomore.png   - EVE University Sophomore

Ribbon-Freshman.png   - EVE University Freshman

Ribbon-MFC1.png   - 1st Class Ribbon-MFC2.png   - 2nd Class Ribbon-MFC3.jpg   - 3rd Class Ribbon-MFC4.png   - Mining Fleet Command 4th Class

Ribbon-EFC2.png   - 2nd Class Ribbon-EFC3.png   - 3rd Class Ribbon-EFC4.png   - Events 4th Class

Ribbon-Class.png   - A Class Above

Ribbon-Blackbird.png   - Scourge of Highsec

Ribbon-Spin.png   - The High and Noble Art

Ribbon-CCI-AMC.jpg   - CCI AMC

Ribbon-CCI-HSC.jpg   - CCI HSC

Ribbon-WSpace.png   - Into the Unknown

Ribbon-Sov Null.png   - Big Blue

Ribbon-Singularity.png   - Bug Hunter

Ribbon-IWasThere.png   - Battle of Aldrat's Deep

Ribbon-Old Timer.jpg   - Old Timer

Ribbon-CoreElite.png   - Core Strength

Ribbon-WarVoyager.png   - War Vet

Ribbon-soe.png   - The Sisters of EVE

Ribbon-starhopper.png   - To the Stars and Beyond

Ribbon-LiveEvent.png   - Fight the Man

Ribbon-Fanfest.png   - Quafe

Ribbon-Tourist3.png   - 3rd Class Ribbon-Tourist4.png   - Tourist 4th Class

Ribbon-Seyllin.png   - Shattered

Ribbon-EVEGate.jpg   - Pilgrim

Ribbon-ForGood.png   - Humanitarian

Ribbon-Amarr.png   - Divine Providence

Ribbon-Caldari.png   - The Best Money Can Afford

Ribbon-Gallente.png   - Freedom Fighter

Ribbon-Minmatar.png   - Trust in the Rust

Ribbon-Orca.png   - A Friend Indeed

Ribbon-AllRaces.png   - Racially Ambiguous

Ribbon-NSVoyager.jpg   - Nullsec Voyager

Ribbon-WarVoyager.png   - War Vet

Ribbon-Class.png - Attended to 20 or more classes

Ribbon-Basic.png   - Basic Training

Ribbon-MLP.png   - Friendship is Magic!


EVE  University