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Character Bio

I come from a very academic scientific family with my parents mysteriously dying to an attack at our research station deep in wormhole space when I was in my early teens.

Ever since I have seeked answers to the motives of these unknown attackers. So far my investigations have lead to a conclusion that my parents may have discovered evidence of a lost alien race who may not have wish to been rediscovered.

Leaving me lost, angry, confused and completely alone, I escaped from the wormhole just as the high sec connection collapsed and sort refuge with Eve's premier University. True to my bloodline as a Caldari Achura I have a never quenching thirst for knowledge of the secrets of the universe. With the bitterness of losing my parents a dark side also dwells within me.

This has lead me down towards a path of being a student of covert ops. combat as well as science and exploration, in hope of having the skills to once again find my parent's wormhole and research station and finish their research to find out what happened to them and why once and for all!

Uni History

First started playing in March 2014, join the Uni pretty much straight away, as the Uni was currently at War I moved to Solitude campus so I could learn the game in peace and in my own time and Exploration really appealed to me. After only playing casually for a month I had to move house. At my new house I had to wait 7 months for an internet connection to be installed and although I tried my best to login to keep my account active, I was booted from the Uni due to inactivity.

As soon as I come back to the game I thought it wise this time around to get myself a mentor via the mentor program and got myself an awesome mentor Bakito

I was influenced to play this game after watching an Episode of Good Game, an Australian gaming tv show and it talk about Eve Online and the Bloodbath of and in that episode Eve University was praised as a very good starting point for new players.

Attended Operations Declassified

Operation Griefseed

After Action Report:

Role(s): Scout

Opsec Redacted (Note: Not sure if this actually had a proper operation name, I actually went to attend Slate's Shield Cruiser class and last moment he thought it best we help backup NSC with their operation)

After Action Report: Yet to find one but we never met any resistance.

Role(s): Heavy Tackle

Operation Bulbasaur

After Action Report:

Role(s): Scout/Tackle/ECM

Operation Pirate Burning

After Action Report:

Role(s): Logistics

Attended Classes

(Note: Majority of the classes are hard for me to attend as I live in Western Australia +8 GMT, with 90% of the classes currently are between 18:00 - 22:00 which is 2:00am for me.)

Incursions 101

Stealth Bombing 101

Stealth Bombing Phoebe Edition

Missioning (PVP Emphasis)

Missioning (PVE Emphasis)

Q+A with Seamus Donahue

Uniwiki 101

Bookmarking 101

Numerous Lowsec roams advertised on the calendar such as Noobs on Patrol, Shield Cruisers 101 and other Lowsec frigate roams.

Character Links

Eve Gate

Eve Uni Killboard



Ribbon-Close Call.png Escaped with the ship on fire

Ribbon-NSVoyager.jpg Travel through Null-sec

Ribbon-WHVoyager.png Travel through Wormhole space

Ribbon-WarVoyager.png Experienced a War while in the University

Ribbon-Basic.png Completed basic training and ready to fight

Ribbon-Freshman.png Currently Holds Freshman Title