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Weapon Accuracy Score

Tracking in EVE is measured by a turret attribute called Weapon Accuracy Score or WAS for short. It is an attribute that unifies the tracking value for all weapons, regardless the size of the weapons (larger weapons have a harder time hitting smaller targets).

Easy to compare relative tracking of weapons

Since tracking is uniformly calculated across different types and sizes, you can easily compare one gun to another. Here's an example:

Type of weapon Size WAS

Legacy tracking attributes

While all usable turrets ingame have been changed to present Weapon Accuracy Score, a lot of things like NPCs and drones still use the old legacy term Signature Resolution and Tracking Speed.

Signature Resolution

This is an old attribute that lists the relative signature of the target the weapon, drone or NPC is intended to be fired upon. This Signature Resolution is measured the same as the ship attribute Signature Radius:

Signature Intended target Examples that use this resolution
Icon ship sig.png 2 000 m Isis supercarrier.png Capital-class targets NPC capitals (X-Large turrets [1])
Icon ship sig.png 400 m Isis battleship.png Battleship-class targets Heavy drones, sentry drones, NPC battleships (large turrets [1])
Icon ship sig.png 125 m Isis cruiser.png Cruiser-class targets Medium drones, NPC cruisers (medium turrets [1])
Icon ship sig.png 40 m Isis frigate.png Frigate-class targets Light drones, NPC frigates (small turrets [1])
  1. ^ a b c d This attribute no longer shows for weapons, if you look them up ingame or in the database. Instead it will show the 40,000m default signature that Weapon Accuracy Score uses.

Tracking Speed

The old Tracking Speed attribute didn't used to take into consideration your Signature Resolution, so a large weapon could have a similar tracking speed value of a smaller gun, making them seem, at first glance, to have equally good tracking. In short it was simply the tracking value in and by itself, not accounting for the size of the gun (its resolution) and how that would lower the practical tracking.


If you want to see how well drones or NPCs track, compared to your own weapons, you can reverse-engineer the value like this:

Weapon Accuracy Score = Tracking Speed * 40000 / Signature Resolution

Similarly you can find out the old tracking value from a weapon accuracy score like this:

Tracking Speed = Weapon Accuracy Score / 40000 * Signature Resolution