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"Hello, you are the Warrior " I say "What do you represent? " I ask "I represent standing up for yourself and for your rights I am powerful and solid, no one will shake me once I have taken on a quest - I will see it to the finish. I am not frightened, though I can be frightening - it is part of the amour I wear to do battle for good - to wear the images of toughness and of power to not allow another to belittle me into their way of thinking. I am strong and sure of myself. I will not commit myself to battle till I know it is in my own truth to do so - for being in my truth is what I am about and ensuring that none will take that from me. I would represent a person such as this, for we all have these warrior qualities within and it is the acknowledgment and acceptance of this power and strength that helps us live our passions and be true to ourselves. I would support anyone fighting for what they believe in - what is their truth. Though I will cut through any who would try and convince me that their passion was something other than that which rang true to me. For when one stands in their own true power and spirit there is much support from the heavens above and this can be seen from afar in the energy that is given to complete the task. When the true path isn't chosen then the energy weakens.

I have at my side here a badger for the protective energy that he extends and for the determination to get his teeth into something and follow it to the end however much 'badgering' of people and organisations it takes. Stay with it and go for the throat, don't give up and know that the fight is worth it.

I use my sword here to cut away the rubbish, for many times I have to slice the information offered to me, clearing the way, taking the parts of truth and cleaving the rest. Even when there is only a grain of truth I shall take this, for I will not unjustly throw out the truth with the padding, for even the grain that is contained will help me in the battle to set the world to rights.

Sometimes the battle is within, to set the inner world to rights making pathways through the inner jungles of thoughts and impressions to see only what is really true and cut away that which has come to make the truth easier to digest or that which has come to hide the truth in times where truth was dangerous, I vow to uncover all those parts within myself and to be a clear seeing person who both knows and can see as well as being strong to fight when needed when what I see is not what is being shown to me. I catalyse change in areas inside and out. Call on my energy when you need this strength and I will help you find your truth."

Within the EvE-Uni

Member of the Teaching and Mentor department.


  • PVE
  • Mission Running
  • Basic Skill progression
  • and many other subjects