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Having a portable version of your EVE Client with all accounts logged in, ready to play, can give you a time-efficient and bandwith-saving advandage. Whether you are travelling or do not want to leave traces of your computer activity, or just like to have an "EVE To Go" on a portable medium of your choice, this tutorial might be for you.


EVE Online requires 20GB or more so it is strongly reccommended to have at least 32GB free space on your storage. It is strongly discouraged to use USB 2.0 interface for playing EVE via pen-drive because load times and overall performance drops to almost unplayable. Use 3.0 or better interface for outstanding performance that allows you to play stable 60fps on full details (of course other hardware requirements must be met). Proper drivers (graphics card drivers, DirectX) must be installed on the machine. Without them the game will not start.

First installation

Legend (recommended names for easiness of explanation. You can name all things however you like):

  • C: - your system's drive letter
  • X: - your pen-drive's drive letter
  • .user. - your username

  1. Navigate to your plugged-in disk and create a directory of your choosing to store all your EVE data, for example "EVE Online".
  2. Inside newly-created directory, create folders called "Documents", "Local" and "EVE".
  3. Open EVELauncher installer from
  4. Select location of installation as your newly created "EVE" folder and install EVE.
  5. Do not forget to delete desktop icon and start menu entry in "C:\Users\.user.\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"
  6. When your launcher is downloading data, make sure to set SharedCache folder inside "X:\EVE Online\EVE\EVESharedCache" folder.