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  • WTs/Criminals: Attack anywhere
  • -10s: Attack in losec, attack structures and industrial ships
  • -5s: Attack in losec, do not attack structures/industrial ships
  • Neutral: If attacked, their alliance is considered -5 until end of operation
  • Attacking non-WT/Criminals (-5 sec or lower) in lowsec+ will result in GCC, loss of security status, and killrights if target does not aggress back


  • No PvP mixed fleets
    • All activities in losec & nullsec are considered PvP
    • Wormhole fleets may include blues
      • PvP must not take place with blues in fleet
      • If blues are attacked by neutrals you may not attack until fired upon
  • PvP fleets with +10s may only engage -10s


    • "Do not talk about fleet locations (or your own, for that matter) outside of your fleet channel. Yes, that does means you cannot tell a fleet where you are until you have joined it or the FC has convoed you."
    • "Do not ask "are there any fleets running" - if they are, they should not be communicating with you. Wait for a new one to be called in Alliance"
    • "Under no circumstances should the location of any Uni Fleet or Wartarget be reported in any of the standard Uni channels (this includes Alliance and Corp)"

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