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  • Contributing to the Wiki.
  • Participating in the EVE University forum (my activity here) and as much events as real life allows me to.
  • Participating in the Cross Campus Initiative (CCI) program (my participation thread here).
  • Skill training doctrines.
  • Pursuing different interests. Current ones are:
    • Ninja huffing
    • Ore mining (mostly in high sec to relax)
    • Exploring (discovering w-space)
    • PvE (just doing L2 missions for now and salvaging occasionally)
    • PvP (figuring out which ships I'd like to fly, what style, training doctrines for fleets, etc. Mostly attracted to tackling, EWAR, and logi [in that order])
    • Hauling (just reading on it; I recently moved everything I collected through the career agents to AMY)
    • Industry (this is something in the back of my mind, maybe for the future).

My current home is in HSC, but I'm happy to make whatever amount of jumps to have some fun and learn something new!