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Herodotus Prime Pre-Incursion Update
Herodotus Prime


Death is a delightful hiding place for weary men. - Herodotus

Animated on 20010.8.21 02:57 with the stated purpose of scouring New Eden for lost and hidden knowledge, I immediately sought membership with and was accepted to Eve University. The universe can be a harsh and unforgiving place for a lonely researcher and by seeking fellowship with other like minded individuals I hope to gain the necessary combat skills and educational resouces I need to thrive in this hostile environment.

History with Eve University


Eve University Roles

Eve UniversityMentor Program

Current Projects

My Blog - New Eden History Student

Reference Materials


Economic & Business

Art & Media


  • Eve News24 - Keep up on events in and around New Eden

Military Theory


  • Eve Maps - Better than stopping at a gas station