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Jalxan, Former Ivy League Navy Commodore, Title Collector, and the maniacal Supreme Chancellor of... hats. Eve University's resident angry industrialist.


Jalxan joined EVE Online on the 15th of August, 2008. On the 13rd of June 2011, Jalxan joined EVE University for the first time. At the time, Jalxan had joined as an experienced player (or at least he thought) and as a teacher. However, he learned quickly that there was much to learn. During this period, Eve University was based solely out of Aldrat - its only campus at the time. It also had a single Player-Owned Station (the predecessor to the modern Citadels). Because of this concentrated focus, and the lack of requirements to start a war back then, the University was almost always at war, and he had his first true taste of PVP - and it is this that changed his path forever.

Today, he spends much of his time in PVP activities - yet spends just as much time toying around the Industrial hub of Stacmon. He also spends time helping out new players and the University as a whole. He also has an unhealthy addiction to blowing up wartargets.

History in EVE University

Personnel Officer

Jalxan circa 2010

Jalxan became a Personnel Officer during his original stint with Eve University.


Jalxan spent some time as a teacher, teaching Navigation 101 a number of times. He also plans to return to teaching at a later date.

ILN Commodore

During the 2011 war against RvB, RvB had announced that they wanted to destroy the Eve University Research POS. Although decisions were initially made to let it fall, Jalxan pestered (and pestered and pestered and pestered) management to lead the defence effort against RvB. Jalxan was given a temporary new role - ILN Commodore - to organize the University's defence. Aside from a number of major battles, the largest one - known as the Battle of Aldrat - ended up becoming one of - if not the - largest battle in high-sec history. In the end, the station was protected and the war was won - at great cost to both sides, yet with positive feelings all around.

Departure & Banishment

Aside from a brief 8 day period, Jalxan stuck around for nearly two full years, including during the entire No-WSOP month which awarded him the Resolute Sentinel of Eve University. Eventually, however, he wanted to try something new, and left the University. However, not long after his departure the University was again under threat by RvB, who again wanted to threaten the University's research POS. Desperately wanting to help, Jalxan decided to reapply. However, in his haste and recklessness, he did so through inappropriate channels, and by doing so understandably caused major issues with upper management. Although Jalxan did attend the war, he only participated as a pilot, and the station was lost. After the war, Jalxan departed and was blacklisted from the University.

Drifting Around

Over the next seven years, Jalxan drifted between corporations, and had periods of inactivity, sometimes over the period of years. Most notably was a stint with Spoopy Newbies, the Wormhole branch of Brave Collective. He significantly helped with a major evacuation of one of their Citadels that was under siege.

Second Chance

Seven years later, Jalxan wanted to return to his roots and right the wrongs he did back then, but knowing that he was blacklisted, he knew that returning was a longshot. He fully admitted to his mistakes when reapplying, while also acknowledging what he had learned from those mistakes. He was given a second chance, and vowed to make the best of it.

Junior FC

Early on during his return, he applied to be an FC Team member. He was approved, and was given the rank of Junior FC, a rank he continues to hold.


Jalxan became a Mentor on June 25th 2021, and is still active in this role.

Orientation Officer

Jalxan became an Orientation Officer on August 8th 2021, and stepped down due to time constraints at the time.

Mentor Manager

Jalxan became Mentor Manager on January 16th 2022, and is still active in this role.


Jalxan is active as a hauler, specializing in moving assembled ships.