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Jurius Doctor

Recruiter, Mentor | Iron Armada

Guest Lecturer with EVE University
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Jurius Doctor, or "Doc" as he prefers it, has been operating actively in New Eden since June 06, 2013. A member of EVE University from logon until December 2016, Jurius has been an active an engaged member of the EVE community throughout his career. He is an active blogger and has a YouTube Channel where he shares class recordings, how-to's, and other instructional content. He can also be reached in-game via EVE Mail, or out of game via the EUNI Alumni or Incursions Slack, on Discord as [FLEEP] Jurius Doctor #8085, or via email.


The Ivory Tower

Jurius Doctor joined Iron Armada in December of 2015 as a recruiter, mentor, and quartermaster. He runs the Iron Armada salvage buyback program, assists with newbro on-boarding and training, and manufactures capitals and sub-capitals from his home in Fountain. Jurius also maintains a presence in Solitude, where he can be encountered patrolling for pirates in his mobile base of operations, an Oracle dubbed the Ivory Tower.

During his tenure with EVE University, Jurius held the position of Solitude Education Officer, was a member of the Events Staff, and continues as an occasional a guest lecturer for EVE University; the largest capsuleer run educational institution. He has become well-known and respected as someone to seek out for new capsuleer education, and occasionally moonlights as a lecturer for other alliances and private corporations.

Early Life

Born to a wealthy, slave holding True Amarr family he has never wanted for anything. His father, a senior researcher and professor for Hedion University, is a leader in energized membranes and other armour technologies and has been handsomely rewarded by contracts for the Imperial armada. His mother, a cynosural field theory expert is highly regarded in Amarr circles for her innovations in covert field stabilization and dimensional geometry. The combination of having two tenured professors as parents and the wealth proffered by his father's military contracts meant that Jurius Doctor has enjoyed a privileged life.

However privileged his upbringing - complete with access to the best schools, tutors, comforts, and excesses available - Jurius has remained remarkably grounded, perhaps owing to the fact that most of his actual parentage came at the hands of family slaves and the house staff, mostly drawn from lower Amarr families of Kador and Tash-Murkon descent. He is hard working, methodical, and (perhaps in defiance of his parent's coldly academic natures) devoutly Amarr.


Jurius Doctor attended his father's alma mater, Hedion University, largely because tuition was free for him as the son of a tenured professor. He stayed very far away from his father's department, metallury and geology, and instead focused on maths and advanced particle physics where he distinguished himself as an innovative thinker and inventor. He graduated from the University with advanced degrees in Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, High-Energy Capacitor Systems, and Laser Field Technologies. He has published numerous well-regarded thesis on laser weapons and active shielding, and continues to contribute to Hedion as a sessional lecturer.

Professional Life

When her Highness the late Empress Jamyl I violated the sacred doctrine of Royal Flesh, Jurius made the decision to become a Capsuleer - something to which he had always aspired - declaring, "If it's good enough for Jamyl, then I see no reason not to." While his decision initially created some uncomfortable distancing from his parents and their esteemed social circle, he was certain that this decision and her actions would be ratified by the Theology Council. A motion which was supported on the heels of the coronation of Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon I, in the so-called "Advisory Exhortation to the Faithful".

Jurius Doctor has maintained his professional standing as a researcher, but now focuses quite heavily upon industry and planetary management. Perhaps he has come full-circle to his father's industrialist roots, or perhaps he just likes making things. If you ask, he may very well tell you, but be prepared for the long answer - he is a teacher, after all. Doc's professional ventures seem largely focused on the development of Fountain.


Doc's Sandbox