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Name: Kelduum Revaan

Role: Director of Operations

About the Role: The director of operations oversees the general day-to-day running of the University, setting the general direction and making decisions which affect the whole group. This post has various departments reporting to it including Personnel, Education, Logistics, and others such as Diplomacy.

About the Person: Kelduum (a mandalorian name, meaning eternal stronghold) became a capsuleer in mid 2006, and after a little while, joined Eve University. After a few short months he became entangled with a few diplomatic negotiations, and eventually became Director of Diplomacy for IVY. In December of 2008 he took over the role of Director of Operations which he continues to this day. It is currently unclear what his final goals on New Eden are, however they are believed to include the construction of a gigantic battle-station.

Reports to: Morning Maniac