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Introduction to Incursions Greetings, Starfighters. You have been recruited by Eve University to defend the frontier against Kuvakei and the Sansha armada. This course is designed primarily for.... teaching you guys a little about the history of Incursions, how they are run, and how you can get involved Over the xxxx minutes or so, we shall cover......

(Instructor should then introduce himself or herself - covering relevant experience level and background.) My name is Kelon Darklight and I run high security incursions professionally to make ISK. We have a few ground rules for this class:  Please put your Mumble settings on "Push to Talk" if you have not already done so.  Feel free to type any questions in the Lecture.E-UNI chat channel as we proceed - I will try to answer your questions as they come during the class. [At the end of my lecture, we'll open Mumble for any further questions or general discussion.]  You should be in a position where listening doesn’t impede your activities Everyone ready? OK, then - let's begin.... Main Topic #1  Outline of key points to cover- History of Incursions  Key point- Roleplay background  Detail point- Player backgrounds  The Ditanian Fleet and BTL Pub are the two major incursion channels, with synepublic being the Incursion RP channel. These channels will provide a lot of support, advice, and fittings you can use. These channels are a great resource and you should use them if you get into incursions.  Final key point Main Topic #2- Fittings  What to ships to bring- These ships work in incursions, t1 battle cruisers and battleships, maurders, pirate faction cruisers and battleships, HACs, recons, t3, command ships, and logistics. Other ships are either too specialized, or have too low ehp to survive in sites.  How to fit them  Your aiming for a 70% Omni tank, usually with one buffer module (a 1600mm Tungsten Plate or best large shield extender you can fit).  Now, there are a couple different roles you can play once you got the basic tank in place. Roles in a fleet being dps, sniper, or logistics. DPS comes in two variants, one needs to be able to hit fast moving frigates within 20km too good effective (used in vanguards), and the other needs about 50km range, but does not require the same tracking(generally used in assaults and up). Snipers need to be able to hit about 140km effectively, so either tracking computers or tracking enhancers. Logistics is simply one of the logistics cruisers with appropriate fit.  Final key point Main Topic #3 - sites  Within the constellation, each system has a different designation being scout, vanguard, assault, and headquarters. Go to your neocom, and push the journal. Go to the far right tab that says incursions, and look at the encounters button. Each of these give a brief description of the sites. This link ________ has a good outline of all the sites presently runned by the channels.  Fleet comps  Detail point  Another detail  Final key point Class Wrap-up  Thanks for attending this class!  I would appreciate any feedback from people on how to improve the class  Questions ? [* Practical exercise: ....]

Checking CX8-6K Cosmos sites- CX8-6K IX - Moon 18 ended here going down.