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This page is a work in progress and is not a representation of the views of any contributors or administrative body within EVE University. Please contact Krevlorn before making significant changes.

This page is designed to set out the processes and design requirements when making modifications to the UniWiki. Please note that provisions have been provided to allow for easy minor corrections.



If you believe a page has no place on the Uniwiki then you can mark it for deletion by including the deletion template. This will leave a notice on the page and add it to the deletion queue. If the reason for deletion is not self evident please include a clarification on the page's discussion section. Where possible pages should be modified so that they do not qualify for deletion.

Pages that qualify for deletion are as follows:

  • Pages that do not provide content that benefits one of the following:
  • Outdated pages that are not historically significant
  • Pages that include malicious content
  • Pages that provide misleading information
  • Pages in a User namespace that are marked by the owner This request will only be denied in exceptional circumstances
  • Pages that do not conform to these guidelines that are deemed unrecoverable, ie pages that would require more work to correct than to create from scratch

The definition of 'benefit' will be determined by the Wiki team, the EVE University Directorate and any affected department.

Once a page has been marked for deletion it will be reviewed by the Wiki team. In the event that a decision is made to keep the page in question a notice will be placed on the discussion page for the article in question. For this reason please check the discussion page before adding the deletion template.

Moving / Renaming

To move or rename a page, use the Move function in the dropdown menu, between the watchlist star and the search box at the top of every page. When moving a page please consider the following:

  • Moving a page automatically creates a redirect from the previous page name, so that it will still display the same result even if someone uses an old link. Only UniWiki administrators can disable this automatic feature.
  • Moving a page between namespaces may break certain functions used by that page.
  • Moving content out of a subpage may affect the overall organisational effect. For example moving a page from Slides/Class_name to Class_name would change the context of the page, specifically that it is no longer clear that the page is designed as slides.

While the ability to move a page is open to all members please consult a member of the wiki team before making significant changes. These questions are commonly addressed in the Web Services forum. Where you feel clarifications of your decision is required please add it to the page's discussion section. You can also add a page to the list of proposed moves.


Content may be merged freely assuming that the changes will not negatively impact the purpose of the page. An example of a bad merge would be including advanced content in a entry level class. When in doubt consult a member of the wiki team or add the pages to the list of proposed merges.



Pages that detail a subject are considered to be articles and should follow the following layout where feasible.

  • Preamble
  • Contents (will be automatically created above the first heading)
  • Overreaching topic
    • Sub topic
      • Content
    • Second sub
      • Content
  • Second overreaching topic
    • Content that doesn't need to be split
  • Conclusion/Summary (optional)

Obviously this can be extended as required.


Pages used by the Education Department to conduct classes should follow this format.


Should follow the guidelines detailed here.

Wiki Team

Decision making

Decisions should be made democratically unless an applicable directive is present. Both the EVE University Directorate and Departments may provide directives. The latter only when the decision is applicable. If a consensus cannot be reached then the wishes of the Wiki Manager will be used.

Minor administrative changes (moves/userpage deletions/merges) require only two team members. Large style changes or changes to administrative processes require approval of the Wiki Manager or three team members.

For the above requirements a team member may be one of the following:

  • A member of the UniWiki team
  • An Assistant Manager
  • A Manager
  • A Director (may fill any and all approval requirements)