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Kyros Xero is a mentor with EVE University. To learn more about the Mentor program and how you can take advantage of it to accelerate your own EVE learning curve, feel free to contact me in-game or click here to read up.

Useful resources for new pilots and/or new UNI members

Common E-UNI policy clarifications

War SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

The War SOP is there for a reason as it helps ensure that the vast majority of the wars declared on the UNI end after the first week and allow us to return to normal operations (mining, missioning, hauling, etc) ASAP. However, E-UNI recognizes that new pilots may want to continue non-war activities, which is why it is officially allowed (and incredibly painless) for you to leave the UNI during war and easily rejoin afterwards.

Optional: How to temporarily leave for the duration of the war

How do I find out if there is a war fleet I can join?

NOTE: Please do not ask in chat channels if there are any fleets out. Spies.

  • Watch the Alliance channel to go flashy for fleet announcements.
  • In Mumble, join the 'Combat Lounge' or 'PVP Waiting Room' and listen for "Alliance flashy" notifications.
  • Form your own fleet! Newbies are allowed and encouraged to form fleets - all you need is three people and a willingness to get dangerous.
    • Read up on the basics: The Rookie's Guide to Fleet Ops
    • Feel free to tell people you're a first-time FC and starting out with a simple high-sec roam or local patrol.

How do I ask for a pickup fleet to escort me back to Aldrat?

NOTE: Please do not announce in chat channels that you need a pickup. Spies.

  • Convo current FCs directly and ask them if they can do a pickup.
  • Look in system local chat for other Unistas in your same system, and convo them. Find two other lost souls and you have yourself a pickup fleet!

Can I do PI (Planetary Interaction) during War?

While not explicitly mentioned in the SOP, setting up PI on a new planet would count as hauling so it is against War SOP. If you have PI already set up, generally you can manage things while docked in station, including building additional storage/launchpads to store excess product if needed. It has been reportedly unofficially clarified that if you absolutely have to you can fly to planetary customs in a shuttle solely for the purpose of launching product off the planet in order to free up room. All other standard War SOP would still apply, including that if there are any war targets in local you dock up immediately, and you will not be able to move product from the customs office to another planet or station until after all wars are finished.

Can I make tactical bookmarks during War?

Yes, this is allowed under the War SOP. It is recommended that you use a fast frigate, and it is your responsibility as per the War SOP to check for war targets in local prior to undocking, and to immediately check for war targets in local upon entering a new system and dock up if war targets are present.

Can I really do practice skirmishes with other Unistas during War?

Yes, as long as you follow some important restrictions:

  • You need to skirmish at a safe spot
  • You need a dedicated person who's sole job it is to scan local for war targets
  • If at any time war targets enter the system, you must immediately end the skirmish and dock up.
  • Since a lockdown means there are known war targets active in the system, it therefore follows that practice skirmishes are not allowed in a system under lockdown.

Can we do incursions during War?

Nope, not even during Relaxed SOP.

Free Utilities

EFT (Eve Fitting Tool)

EFT is like the 'Fitting' screen in station, except improved. It gives a lot of additional information, like DPS, targeting range, max speed, etc and lets you see the results of different ships and fittings without having to train them/buy them first.

EveMon (Eve Character Manager and Skill/Ship Browser)

EveMon is a character manager. It is like the skill training queue, but similar to EFT it adds a lot of functionality. For example, you can right-click the skills to launch a "skills explorer" which gives you a branching view of what skills unlock what other stuff (skills, items, ships) at different levels, etc.

API (application interface to your character info)

Both tools (EFT & EveMon) make use of the official EVE api. Go to the link and grab your "limited API" info, which can be used to import your character data into the tools so, for instance, EVEMon can warn you when your skill queue is running low, or EFT can show you exactly how much CPU/Grid your ship with your skills has.

Helpful Websites

Huge compendiums of information

ISK 3.0: A huge source of info covering all different areas. You can download the free PDF, or buy a hardcopy.

Halada's Mining Guide: Exhaustive guide to mining in EVE. (website down?)

BattleClinic fittings: a great place to look for ship-fitting inspiration.

EVE University classes: A huge selection of recorded audio classes for download or streaming. Goes from basics such as 'Eve Careers 101' or 'Fitting 101' into more advanced and specialized topics such as 'Wormholes 102' and 'Capital Ships'.

UniWiki: EVE University's own Wiki

EVElopedia: The official EVE Wiki from CCP.


DotLan 2D maps for the IGB (in-game browser)

Ombeve 2D PDF maps for viewing or home printing.

EVE Strategic Maps: very nice printed spiral-bound 2D map book.

Other helpful links

Basic Skills for New Pilots, by Nathan Whedon: A fellow Unista put together a great skills overview, highlighting the skills most immediately useful to new pilots.

EVE Survival Guide videos, by Seamus Donahue: Extensive youtube video tutorials going from character creation through the tutorial agents. Created by another Unista. for price checks: Wondering if it's worth hauling those nanoribbons to Jita rather than Hek? Want to know how much something is really worth?

EVE Quick Reference Sheet: One page double-sided of drone/ammo/mining/dmg type/exploration data.

Operating in LowSec

How can I stay safer hauling in LowSec?

  • Prioritize Warp Stabilizers over Cargo Expanders, it might buy you enough time to scoot away.
  • Consider fitting a prototype cloak, which has very reasonable pre-reqs. If you find yourself in a game of cat and mouse, the cloak can give you a timeout to plan your next move.
  • Use the built-in map to check for ship/pod kills in systems along your intended route as a quick litmus test of the threat level. It won't guarantee a safe trip, but it can alert you to a particularly deadly one.
  • Pre-fly your route in a shuttle or travel frigate to make bookmarks and check for existing pirate presence. It is good to have bookmarks overlooking the gate from a safe distance, overlooking stations you may dock at, and a safe spot or two available.
  • Team up with someone to fly ahead of you in something disposable.
  • If you're carrying valuable cargo, consider rigging your ship to improve your agility/inertia. Tech1 rigs may be cheap relative to what you're carrying.
  • En route, if you find yourself in a system with suspicious types, don't be afraid to just dock up for a bit and listen to the local chatter. Someone else getting ganked, or shouting out a gate camp they just evaded may be the intel that saves your ship.
  • Consider selling what you have nearby, and re-buying it at your destination. It may be more economical than risking a ship loss.
  • Remind yourself that not making the trip is always an option. Even if you had plans. Even if you're almost done. You can almost always dock and shuttle out for now, and complete the haul later.

Each of these things has saved my bacon at one time or another. Ultimately you need to weigh the risks vs the reward to decide if a given trip is worth attempting, but there are definitely steps you can take to up your odds.

Exploration and Wormholes

Wormhole resources

  • Everything Wormhole: A comprehensive website aggregating lots of wormhole information
  • Wormhole Facts: A thread accumulating lots of specific factoids about wormholes in bullet-list form for rapid consumption
  • One of several sites that allow you to lookup detailed information from a wormhole ID (eg B274) or wormhole system name (eg J124358).
  • Wormhole Colors: It is actually possible to identify the class of a wormhole, without even going in, just by looking at it closely. Amaze your friends at parties.
  • Wormhole sig sizes: Identify or narrow down a wormhole type without even warping to it. Crazy sig voodoo.
  • Wormhole Exploration sites: Possible WH sites, broken down by WH class and with details on NPC enemies. You can also search by WH System ID to get a rundown of possible sites.
  • How not to die in Wormholes Cheeky, but accurate, advice.