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Lan Man as of YC125

Lan Man

Lan Man (he/him/they) entered New Eden on 1 October YC124 (2022) and proceeded shortly after to apply to EVE University, enrolling on 5 October YC124 upon completing the career agent missions set. While at EVE University I was a regular participant at fight club, lived at Stacmon, PC9-AY, and WHC/Innuendo in sequence, taught several classes with a focus on exploration and wormhole living, and completed a course of activity under the Community Content Initiative. I was granted EVE University Graduate status as of 30 April, YC125.

After leaving EVE University, I flew briefly for mercenary corporation Noir. [NOIR.], followed by BRAVE member corporation Rational Chaos Inc [RCI.] Both were good ventures that I would recommend to other Unistas, but did not align well with my needs and availability at the time. I have since joined C5 wormhole corporation No Vacancies [NVACA].


I tried EVE for the first time back in 2013-2014 under a different character for a period of ~8 months, drawn to the game by the news headlines surrounding the battle of B-R5RB. I straight away joined BRAVE, at the time living in Barleguet and fighting in Syndicate, and later moving on to join IRL friends in a now defunct lowsec pirate corporation. I drifted away due to other gaming interests, and discomfort at not being able to contribute meaningfully in PvP as a low skill character.

I returned to EVE in 2022 seeking a long-term game, but this time with the willingness to embrace complexity and learn the game fully. In that light I felt a need for a fresh start under a new name, and that enrolling in and seeking to graduate from EVE University would be a far better means to learn the game than jumping into the deep end of the pool as I had before.


  • ⚔️ Small and Nano gang PVP
  • 🪐 Exploration, Scouting, and Sightseeing
  • 🍻 Beer and Whisky
  • 💰 PI and Trade
  • 💥 Ship Explosions

Not necessarily in order.

Personal Projects



Classes and Teaching Notes/Scripts

History in Eve University

To be earned.

Community Content Initiative

I enrolled in the Community Content Initiative on 18 October, 2022, very shortly after joining Eve University. I completed my CCI journey on 28 March, 2023.

I would strongly encourage anyone at E-UNI looking for ways to contribute to the Uni and/or provide content for their fellow players to have a go at the CCI program, regardless of duration of membership or (in)experience in Eve Online. CCI was an excellent motivator for me to attend E-UNI's calendar events consistently, to jump headfirst into areas of the game (both in space and in skills) I might otherwise have not touched, and to pointedly think about where/when/how I could begin contributing time and knowledge back to E-UNI and other newbuds coming up behind me. The twelve month time limit is not as intimidating as it might sound, and CCI officers (especially Croixant) were very open and straightforward about the criteria and what could be done to meet CCI requirements. Obligatory shoutouts to Zolpidemz as a superb mentor (another program you should take full advantage of), Elan Vital as an excellent backseat-FC and fight club host, and Spanky Ikkala for helping me get started in teaching classes; all three played significant parts in supporting my CCI journey.

Junior FC

I joined the Fleet Command team as a Junior FC in December 2022, and am easing into PvP FC'ing via the 2IC role where/when able.

Teaching & Knowledge Sharing

I have taught multiple classes at EVE University, and am willing to take requests for EUTZ and USTZ sessions. My teaching notes/scripts are available above on this page.


Imaginary internet points mean nothing, but they do feel nice.

Ribbon-Freshman.png 2022-11-05 Freshman - Hold the Freshman title in game.
Ribbon-Sophomore.png 2023-02-13 Sophomore - Hold the Sophomore title in game.
CCI Medal Ribbon.png 2023-03-28 The Eve University Campus Cross - This medal is awarded on a member successfully completing the Community Content Initiative.
Ribbon-Graduate.png 2023-04-30 Graduate - This medal is awarded to all members who successfully apply for the Graduate progression title.
Fleet Command (Forum)
Ribbon-WHFC4.png 2022-02-06 4th Class - Command 2 Wormhole fleets.
Ribbon-FC4.png 2022-03-08 4th Class - Command 2 PvP fleets.
Ribbon-Revenge.png 2022-10-27 Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold - Get the killing blow on another ship while in a pod.
Ribbon-NSVoyager.png 2022-11-11 Nullsec Voyager - Travel through nullsec, entering through one system, and leaving through a different one.
Ribbon-Poitot.png 2022-11-11 Postcard - Visit Poitot and ask someone else in local if they knew that Poitot is the only named system in the Syndicate region?
Ribbon-Sov Null.png 2022-11-11 Big Blue - Participate in an Uni organized operation that traveled and operated in sovereign nullsec.
Ribbon-WHVoyager.png 2022-12-10 Wormhole Voyager - Scan down and travel into w-space, through it, and exit into a different k-space system.
Ribbon-Tourist3.png 2023-01-05 Tourist 3rd Class - Visit 10 tourist points from this list.
Ribbon-ForGood.png 2023-02-14 Humanitarian - Contribute to the PLEX for Good program.