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Lelira Cirim - Alumnus


Call me Lira or Lel for short. I'm just a Galle who flies Amarr For the Empress and Gallente to uphold the self-evident truths of everyone to armour tank and use drones.

If you know me from outside EVE you can be a pal and call me "Bracky". My MMO profile on twitter is @CirimCollective. I have a basic Evelopedia user page too.


Game Mechanics: I love understanding how games are designed and how they work, from a rules and ludology standpoint. We can call it "PvD", player versus developer. I care less about my killboard stats than I do about understanding why the killboard API can say Verified and still give inaccurate information. I would certainly not turn down the opportunity to work at any game developer, but not necessarily in a development role. Because gamers are entitled jerks.

Learning: Being a generalist means I love to understand the broad brush of a complex game like EVE. Even if I'm not an expert I like being aware of everything at some level.

Chatting: I spend a large amount of EVE time typing with players and even applied once for ISD Star. I'm very quiet on comms but love making myself and others fall out of their chair laughing in various channels and on the forums.


Teaching: My role in the Uni has been focused on acquiring and disseminating knowledge. In particular since I don't focus on combat I prefer approaching topics of game design and OOG activities. My lectures:

  • Intro to Project Solitude
  • UniWiki 101
  • Corp Mechanics 101
  • iOS 3rd Party Tool Roundup
  • Finding Your Market: Exploration Blueprints
  • Missioning 101: Focus on War
  • Gang Missioning

Wikis: I have a degree in Library and Information Science, and many years of experience working on many wikis across the internet. Here are my major contributions for the UniWiki, and my significant works in progress.

Events: I can be proud of some direct involvement in facilitating and/or instigating:

  • Box Tourney (2013 Amarr team captain)
  • Weekly Sisters of EVE spider fleets, October 2013
  • Secret Santa 2013
  • EVE Gate Pilgrimage w/ Bonus Titanomachy, March 2014
  • Tickle Tackle 'Tastic, March 2014
  • EVEster Egg Hunt, April 2014
  • Fitting Party, May 2014
  • Box Tournament 5v5, July 2014
  • Awox Game: Spooky Edition, Oct-Nov 2014
  • Portrait Contest, January 2015


  • 2013-05: Joined EVE on the 10th anniversary
  • 2013-06: Decided to join the E-Uni and focus on joining the WHC
  • 2013-07: Freshman status, Solitude and Aldrat campus
  • 2013-08: Helped scout new LSC systems prior to Uphallant LSC membership
  • 2013-09: Sophomore status, WHC membership
  • 2013-11: Accepted to Teaching department. First classes/syllabi plans.
  • 2013-12: Graduate status, departed Aldrat campus using my own freighter alt (made possible by The Angel Project)
  • 2014-02: Accepted position of Assistant Events Manager
  • 2014-05: Accepted position on UniWiki Team
  • 2014-06: Accepted position of Events Manager
  • 2014-08: Volunteered as co-Admin of Staff Slack chat account
  • 2014-12: Retired from Events Department
  • 2015-01: Joined The Graduates


  • I love space games and sci-fi.
  • I'd probably rather be playing TIE Fighter.
  • Evocative avatar portraits are a passion of mine.
  • After 9 months in the Uni I received a silly title. \o/
  • My first EVE corp was Kite Co. Space Trucking, the official corp of, where I met former E-UNI director dookagalla.
  • I used to be a senior bank officer in one of the largest player fleets in Star Trek Online, Proteus.
  • I served as Leader and ran events and contests for another STO fleet of GiantBomb members, Space Neon Lobsters.