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Originally in EvE it would help pick a name I did not like any named I used at the time and it evolved to Manasi From CK's blogpack ( Crazykinux A.k.a. CK, David Perry ) I was known as the creative writer of A Mule in EvE (AMIE), the title came from the fact that Mules are very Loyal dependable and capable of carrying incredible weight, they suffer few of the diseases of Horses and their feet do not spilt or crack as their donkey sires or mares. in Addition the Pirate Mynxee and I were friendly towards each other and she educated me even more so about Mules in general as she used to own a couple of them.

I ws onstage in 2011 as part of the Alliance discussion where I gave a talk about the Fall of SYS-K, onstage with me where CCP Xhagen, manasi onstage


Manasi is a veteran of EvE online since 2003. Originally he was a miner in HIgh sec after 2005 I stopped playing till 2007. in 2007 I rejoined EVE and played again till 2011. Manasi has played in Sov warfare (with Systematic Chaos Alliance in Stain, near Delve and the southern Western portion of Null space) he has roamed Low sec with NOIR pirates in and around low sec space.

Manasi is a varied pilot capable of piloting Minmatar, Amarr, Caldari and Gallente ships (frigates all the way through Battleships in all races except Gallente)


Manasi was born in the very early Days of EvE. First an Explorer, then a Miner, he went into stasis as members of his former corporation were in an auto accident. From Oct 2007 to May 2011 Manasi was back in EvE, learning to run missions and venturing into 0.0.

Manasi has flown in and around Esoteria, Feythabolis, Stain, Catch, and Querious.

Manasi can fly just about any sub capital in EVE. Currently he is working on Gallente & drone skills.

A capable logistics Pilot, he has employed that role as a logistics V pilot for a number of years. Heavily skilled in Minmatar ,and Amarr class gun systems. A capable ECM pilot with most jamming skills at V. V ery familiar with 0.0 all the way through HI-Sec space. Mining and running missions, PVE fitting, PVP fitting and general survival is something I know quite a bit about.

I entered the Uni to re-learn about the parts of the game that I still considered myself a nub at (Changes since 2011). The Uni is a terrific place to do this.

I am an Systematic Chaos (SYS-K) and Ceptacemia (CEPTA) alumni, and have assisted the former Alliance with recruitment of Corps, corp security, corp relations and website setup and configuration. I have participated in numerous roams and ended up with 742 kills for the lifetime of the zkillboards with 108 losses, as of 10/21/15.


EVE University Sophomore

Former Systematic Chaos Board Member

Ceptacemia (director) Alumni

Wrote/edited/created the Blog "A Mule in EvE" for three years from 2008-2011


Manasi on

Manasi on the E-Uni Killboard