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Marius Labo has been an extremely active pilot in the administration and running of EVE University. He is currently a Teacher. Prior to that his last post held was serving as an SPO in Personnel after retiring as the Director of Human Resources. Having spent countless hours in the background working hard to maintain EVE University's mission while remaining progressive to changes that benefit both the pilots and the mission. He still considers himself a newb, eh.


Marius entered New Eden as a new capsuleer on August 16, 2010 and found his way into EVE University on December 14, 2010. Volunteering to become a Personnel Officer in January 2011 he never imagined that he'd become an Assistant Personnel Manager, or even the Student Relations Manager (a Sergeant Major of sorts, or better yet a Primus Pilus), let alone become a director, eh. He was also a member of Battlegroup I, the "Blacksheep" of the Ivy League Navy. With the majority of time spent in the Personnel and Human Resources departments Marius has conducted several hundred recruitment interviews and has helped oversee a lot of changes, eh. He has a reputation for no-nonsense and is very passionate aboot EVE University and it's mission.


Marius, like a lot of capsuleers enjoys spending a fair amount of time in the super-reality game "Real Life." He is an extremely high level and successful business owner, and sub classes in a full-time job in the banking industry as a credit management specialist for a credit union. He is also a single father and was able to roll-up a wonderful son, eh. He spent close to 17 years in an elite guild, The Canadian Armed Forces, where he gained a lot of experience and rank in both the infantry and as a fire control technician in the combat service support role.

He also enjoys other games, including some MMOs such as Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. He's been having a lot of fun lately with NHL 14 on his PS3 and has roled a LW who is currently in the WHL with the Saskatoon Blades, eh.

He also enjoys life as a merc in DUST 514, with Boots Labo.


Marius listens to a wide variety of music covering classical, traditional and folk, rock, and even some punk. His favourite will always be celtic, eh.


Marius loves history, military history, politics, business, the cooperative movement and values, eh. He enjoys fantasy and science fiction. He is an avid Tolkien fan and a backyard Tolkien scholar. He is also very involved in health and wellness with nutrition and nature underlining that.


He is not shy aboot his conservative views and family-based values. He is passionate aboot free enterprise, eh. He also has a strong spiritual side.

Current EVE University duties and roles


Marius decided he should volunteer to teach. This is an area he's always been interested in.

Emeritus (Retired Director)

As a former director, Marius is still very active. He provides his thoughts and input into many areas of the Uni. He also understands that at the management level, he has no direct influence when it comes to policy and such. He is often found helping out in Corp, with reimbursements and hangar requests, in Q&A.E-UNI, helping answer questions where he can, and in E-UNI, helping with general and other questions in the public channel.

Former Director of Human Resources

Having been successful as a PO, SPO, APM and then SRM, Marius became the Director of Human Resources on December 4, 2012. Why does he spend so much time doing this? EVE University is very unique and has probably helped more pilots learn, enjoy, and stay in the universe than any other single pilot entity in New Eden. It takes a lot of people to help bring in those pilots who qualify and also to help them out in their early days both in and out of EVE University. Marius believes that service to others is one of the highest callings a person can have, eh.


Marius is one of those pilots that has his fans and his detractors. Known for being harsh in certain circumstances he is feared and maligned by many. One of his fans came up with two prayers based on existing ones, eh.

"The Labo Prayer"

Our Labo, who art in Dust now, muddy be thy name.

Thy corporation come, thy will be done, in Dust, as it is in Eve.

Give us this day our daily gank, and forgive us our X's as we forgive those who X against us.

And lead us not into gatecamps, nor shall we lead rookies into bad habits.

For thine is the banhammer, the gank-bounty and the X-stick, forever and ever, Amen.

"Hail Labo"

Hail Labo, full of win. Morning Maniac is with thee.

Blessed art thou among management, and blessed is the shooting of turlough dominian.

Holy Labo, Director of HR, Pray for us Xee's, now and at the hour of our expulsion. Amen.

Life in New Eden

Early Life

Born to Astargo and Venatia (nee Orsinette) Labo in the Verge Vendor region, Marius' early life was spent more on stations than planetside. Astargo was a veteran of the Gallente-Caldari war and served in the Federation Navy. He went on to become a miner and amassed a small fortune, eh. Marius qualified to become licensed as a capsuleer and intially followed in his father's footsteps. Knowing that life in space can be very harsh and deadly he also developed as a combat pilot, eh.

Capsuleer Career

Marius quickly realized that power in New Eden is not ISK, but the flow of ISK. Those that supply other capsuleers and mercs with the ships, modules, and weapons they need can finance almost any undertaking, eh. Industry and marketing are the true power forces. A capsuleer can be a great combat pilot but without the materiel to fight they are nothing, eh.