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Mike Kingswell

Mike Kinsgwell: Alumnus, former Teaching Manager, Professor

Some of my activities within EVE University:

  • Logi Piloting and LogiFC
  • Small Gank roaming Scout and FC
  • Teaching
  • Creating classes

Need my services, want to inquire about a class or anything else? Feel free to reach me via ForumPM, Evemail, Discord or Mumble.


EVE University Professor

This medal is awarded to the capsuleers of EVE University who have shown outstanding commitment to teaching and mentoring fellow students. To receive this medal, you must be a UNI Graduate, have taught or mentored UNI students on a regular basis for not less than six months, garnered consistently positive feedback from students, and contributed new learning resources to the UNI - these resources may include new class syllabi, new player guides on the UNIwiki, video tutorials, special events or other useful content. Its inscription reads: Docendo discimus - 'To teach is to learn.'.

EVE University Graduate

This medal is presented to those who have demonstrated detailed understanding of the nuances and mechanics of capsule piloting. It denotes that the holder has spent a term of not less than three months within Eve University and is able to embark competently on their own adventures in New Eden, as well as signifying they have demonstrated a commitment to their fellow pilots. Its inscription reads: Per Eruditio, Vis - 'Through Knowledge, Power'

Content Creator

This medal is presented to members of EVE University who have consistently provided content for other members. With this medal we recognise their efforts in making EVE University a better place for members.

The EVE University Campus Cross

This medal is awarded to the capsuleers of EVE University who have shown diversity in their experiences, actively participating in multiple areas of the University. Its inscription reads: Amicas Immortales Esse Opportet - 'Friendships Should Be Immortal.'

The Service Medal of Excellence Two times recieved for:

This medal is awarded to those members of EVE University who have selflessly devoted their personal time towards those staff positions responsible for the day to day operations of the corporation. Without their tireless efforts, the University could not function.

ServiceMedalof Excellence.png
The Star of Dedicated Service

This medal is awarded to EVE University members who have selflessly dedicated their time to assist in the management of the University. Their work is of great benefit to all students who pass through the University's halls. It will be awarded to managers who serve for an extended amount of time, usually around six months. Its inscription reads: Unitas per Servitiam - 'Unity Through Service'