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Mtu Enforcer's Mission Fleet Standard Operating Procedure

Mission fleets run by Mtu Enforcer shall be locust fleets unless otherwise stated in the fleet advert. Fleets run by Mtu Enforcer will be limited to 10 people or less. Should a mission be in progress (locust fleets only) at the time a Unista wishes to join, acceptance of members will be delayed until mission completion. Lucust fleets that have accepted a mission but not yet started the mission (first shot has not been fired), shall accept new members into the fleet up to the limit and shall wait until all members are on grid at a specified meeting point. Spider fleets will be set to an open join policy to Ivy League members only per HSC Standing Fleet procedures.

Rewards, Bounties and Loyalty Points

Rewards, bounties and loyalty points are automatically distributed based on CCP standard methods and procedures.


Loot acquired by a dedicated salavager will be contracted to Mtu Enforcer following completion of the mission.

Loot is classified into two categories; valuable and reprocessable.


Valuable loot is defined as loot that is more valuable (fetches a higher price) when sold in Jita versus the constituent minerals.

Reprocessable loot is loot that is exactly opposite of valuable loot. Reprocessable loot will fetch a higher price for its constituent minerals than it will alone.


The disposition and determination of valuable loot shall be as follows. Using Eve Refinery, valuable loot shall be segregated from reprocessable loot. The listing of the valuable loot will be entered into evepraisal. Based on the returned valuation, the value will be divided equally and tallied for later distribution following the accounting of Reprocessable loot and salvage.


Following segregation of all valuable loot, reprocessable loot will be reprocessed into its constituent minerals. These minerals will then be valued based on evepraisal results. The value of this loot will be divided equally and tallied similar to valuable loot.


Salvage acquired by a dedicated salavager will be contracted to Mtu Enforcer following completion of the mission.

Salvage will be divided equally amoung members of the fleet without regard to the value of the salvage. Any remainder left after the initial distribution shall be equally distributed to each member of the fleet except for Mtu Enforcer. Any person receiving less of a specific piece of salvage will be the first to receive the remainder of next piece of salvage. The remainder of salvage will be distributed in alphabetical (by first name, according to fleet chat) order.

Distribution of Loot and Salvage

Within one week, Real Life (RL) permitting, a contract will be issued to each member of the fleet at the completion of the mission(s). The division of loot will be determined as follows. Fleets started prior to the acceptance of a mission shall be divided equally among the fleet members, however, if a mission has been accepted but not yet started (first shot has not been fired) additional members will be allowed to join and included in the division of loot and salvage. The contract shall include the total tallied ISK distribution of both reprocessable and valuable loot as well as the distribution of any salvage.