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Neville Smit discovered E-UNI very early in his career, and immediately became obsessed with collecting titles, in order to feed his insatiable ego. Before fooling Kelduum Revaan into making him Director of Education, he earned the titles of Freshman, Student, Recruitment Officer, Senior Recruitment Officer, Assistant Recruiting Manager, ILN Ensign, Graduate, Teacher, Mentor, Mentor Manager and Teaching Manager -- and also was awarded the UNI's first official Professor title.

During his years of service to the UNI, Neville was been awarded the following medals:

As a pilot during his time in the UNI, Neville was well-known for doing many silly things, including:

  • Losing an 800 million ISK faction-fitted Navy Issue Dominix - while running a mission in low-sec
  • Getting blown up in wartime after forgetting he had a full Slave set of implants installed - a 2.8 billion ISK loss
  • Warping a Hulk literally on top of a war target in a belt, because he confused Local with another chat channel

Fortunately, Nev was happy to share his folly with his fellow UNIs in classes, and thus help them to avoid making the same kinds of goofy errors.


In August 2012, Neville stepped down from his Director of Education post, in order to pursue his dream of becoming the richest and most beloved capsuleer in all of New Eden, despite all of his many flaws. He flew with the Griffin Capsuleers, trying not to get ganked while mining or poking around in wormholes.

In February 2013, in a bout of temporary insanity, the UNI management allowed Neville to return to the UNI, to take up his old post of Teaching Manager. In June 2013, the UNI directors decided to punish Neville for returning, by promoting him to Teaching Director. In March 2014, he returned once again to the Director of Education position, after Bairfhionn Isu was suddenly overcome with an extreme case of sanity.

In July 2014, Nev once again decided to step down, and he left E-UNI to investigate the effects of industry changes in New Eden. He currently flies with the Signal Cartel, an exploration-focused corporation operating out of Thera in wormhole space.

In love with the sound of his own voice, he lectures frequently in E-UNI-sponsored classes, even if no one shows up. An admitted carebear, Neville is a master at getting on killmails while flying in the shadows of far superior pilots, resulting an an impressive-looking but ultimately hollow efficiency ratio.

He is most well known for admonishing EVE's chief developer that "There is no grey!" regarding micro-transactions in EVE - something which no doubt keeps Neville on a secret watch list at CCP Games.

You can follow Neville's misadventures in New Eden on his blog:, and on Twitter: NevilleSmit

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Current Occupation

  • Intrepid explorer in the Signal Cartel
  • E-UNI Director Emeritus (again)
  • Proud E-UNI Graduate
  • Former E-UNI Professor