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Quinn Fellthorn

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Education History

Live Classes - Dates Unknown

I realized only too late that I should have kept proper track of which classes I've taken. In no particular order, here are the ones I know I have taken:

I've also attended a lecture on Grid Fu.

Live Classes - Dates Known

Class Date Instructor
Scouting 101 2011/09/29 Kaley Khanin
D-Scan 101 2011/10/01 Shegunna Blow
Skullduggery 101 2011/10/03 Neville Smit
Overheating 101 2011/11/11 Marta Marchesi
Missioning 101 2011/12/19 Qato Vollan
New Assault Frigates in PvP 2012/01/25 NorthCrossroad
Introduction to War 2012/01/26 DeSaros Umekawa
Solo PvP 101 2012/03/28 NorthCrossroad
Making Money in 0.0 2012/04/23 Guillane Itaril
Introduction to Fleet Command 2012/05/11
Player-Owned Starbases 101 2012/08/03

Recorded Classes

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