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Class 1 Systems


C1 systems are not very popular for harvesting or site running purposes. They are excellent for beginners. They're relatively safe, easy to run and require a low amount of skillpoints. A battlecruiser can solo the sites and a small cruiser gang will easily run the sites efficiently.

C1 systems have a niche role of being used by small Tech 3 Manufacturing Corporations. Some of these corporations will build one or two carriers which will make them very hard to evict due to POS reinforcement mechanics.

Class 2 Systems


C2 wormhole systems have a special role in low-class Wormhole Space systems. They offer slightly more ISK than C1's and can be soloed by low skillpoint Battlecruiser pilots. Their special property is that they come with two statics. These statics provide guaranteed access to K-Space and W-Space.