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Currently a Teaching Officer and 17th Wiki Curator.


EVE University Graduate Awarded the 1,799th Graduate Medal on 2022/05/25 after nine months at the University for:

This medal is presented to those who have demonstrated detailed understanding of the nuances and mechanics of capsule piloting. It denotes that the holder has spent a term of not less than three months within Eve University and is able to embark competently on their own adventures in New Eden, as well as signifying they have demonstrated a commitment to their fellow pilots. Its inscription reads: Per Eruditio, Vis - 'Through Knowledge, Power'

The EVE University Campus Cross Awarded the 27th The EVE University Campus Cross on 2022/05/27:

This medal is awarded to the capsuleers of EVE University who have shown diversity in their experiences, actively participating in multiple areas of the University. Its inscription reads: Amicas Immortales Esse Opportet - 'Friendships Should Be Immortal.'

EVE University Educator Awarded the 22nd and 34th EVE University Educator for:

For consistent and outstanding delivery of classes!



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