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Becoming a Capsuleer

Sketchy McGillis

Just a regular-Joe PO helping others find their way in the Universe.

Originally from the Airkio system, Kyle "Sketchy" McGillis [1] had been around capsuleers from the nearby School of Applied Knowledge since birth. He was always enthralled with the capsuleers and starships in general. At age 18, he enlisted in the Ishukone Watch and served a term of 6 years protecting his homeworld and defending the company's workers and interests. His love of space travel and interest in capsuleers eventually led him to enter a training program through Ishukone to the School of Applied Knowledge, where he became the capsuleer he had always dreamed of.

Time with Eve University

Sketchy joined Eve University on October 21, 2011. After a couple weeks in Eve University he applied to be a Personnel Officer, looking up to them as heroes of the Uni. He became a Personnel Officer on November 21, 2011. After working hard for nearly two months, his efforts were rewarded with a promotion to Senior Personnel Officer on January 12, 2012 alongside Alastair Crestin, and Joha M'raadu [2], two friends and classmates he had joined the Personnel Department with. Seven months to the day (May 21, 2012) after he had joined Eve University, he was promoted, twice - to Assistant Personnel Manager as well as Assistant Events Manager.

Sketchy has the odd distinction of having received two Graduate medals. He is also the recipient of the Service Medal of Excellence for his efforts assisting the Personnel Department.

Sketchy's Pants

A lot of mystery surround Sketchy's pants and the strange "Senior Pants Manager" title he has received.

It all started when Joha M'raadu and several other admirers of Sketchy's pants inquired as to where he got them through several different channels over several different days (even asking people in E-UNI chat). This led to a long discussion as to the origin of Sketchy's pants. Many people thought it was a joke and had taken to calling Sketchy "Pantsy."

In reality, his pants were standard issue from Ishukone Watch (and any Caldari citizen can get them), but Joha M'raadu, the Personnel Manager could not get a pair of his own (being Gallente scum, himself).


Sketchy is a veteran of many Eve University wars and engagements:


war with all in aim.

war with Sicarius.

RvB (Purple) vs. IVY

war with Red vs. Blue (Battle of Aldrat's Deep)

war with Space P0lice (Battle of Hagilur Gate)

war with Gunpoint Diplomacy


RvB (Purple) vs. IVY II (where we lost the POS)