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Captain Sylvanium Orlenard

Captain Sylvanium (Sil-vey-nee-uhm) Orlenard, born on YC112 June 10th, is a relatively new capsuleer. From the start he studied mining and trained up to fly new and better ships for mining. However during his early days he heard about the mysteries of Wormholes and Sleepers and was intrigued. These Mysteries drove him to explore and look around. He quickly found out that he had no where near the skills needed to go in there safely so he organized a group to follow him in his studies of the mysterious depths of Wormhole Space, so began the Noobs on W-Space Patrol. Wanting to learn about wormholes and knowing that the best way to learn anything is to teach it, he took it upon himself to get a group together every week to look for and and then go in and fight the sleepers that reside in wormhole space.

This curiosity has taken Sylvanium to new places and he has learned new things. What he did not expect, is the level of attention he was bringing onto himself. The Ivy League Navy took notice of him, they saw in him an individual willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Therefore the Admiralty of the ILN, trying to rebuild this once grand institution to something better then it ever was, decided to approach Sylvanium and ask him for his assistance. Thus he became a Captain of the ILN and was put in command of the Fleet Operations Group (aka : FOG).

He is still very young, and still has plenty to learn about New Eden. Plowing ahead with the firm conviction that the best way to learn anything, is to teach it. He will continue to explore and look to understand things he does not know. Expect many things from him, because no matter what you expect of him, he will always expect more of himself. . .

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