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All members of EVE University are free to participate in the Cross Campus Initiative program. This includes staff (in fact, I urge all staff to give this a go!). White 0rchid is the current coordinator of this program.

Why Should I Participate?

EVE University prides itself in covering a diverse array of activities within New Eden. To provide our pilots with the best 'all round' experience, the campus system was put in place. This helps educate unistas on the different playstyles and tactics used within each area.

Regardless of which part of space you see your home as being, there is always something new to learn and always value in knowing more about these other areas that you as a pilot don't often frequent.

A recent example of this was when Pandemic Legion, an alliance known for its PvP prowess and experienced players, ventured through a lowsec area with Incursion rats. They were not prepared for it and as such lost a 400mil Deimos to sansha gate rats.

Finally, we are all proud Unistas and we should work together regardless of campus and help out our fellow bros. This is your chance to get out there and help others while at the same time filling the gaps in your own knowledge.

What The Initiative Can Offer

  • A vanity title in game
  • Kill two birds with one stone - Participating in this Initiative will assist towards the goals of other Titles
  • A well rounded education on all areas of New Eden
  • Meet new people!
  • Rewards! The first 10 pilots to complete the program will receive either a pirate/T2 cruiser or 150mil ISK, one pirate and one T2 frigate of their choice. The reward will then drop to either a faction cruiser or 50mil ISK and one pirate or T2 frigate for the next 20 pilots, before dropping to a final reward of a pirate or T2 frigate from then onwards.


What we would expect to see to meet to requirements is participation in at least 5 events per campus over a period of no less than a week. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Joining/FC'ing PvP fleets, mission fleets or mining ops and then writing the appropriate AARs
  • Teaching classes around each campus
  • Organising events (if these are uni-wide even better!)

The required campuses, along with some examples of activities that can be carried out there, are shown below along. Due to the limitation of joining the WHC, pilots must be at least 8 weeks old to participate (WHC access requires Sophomore title, which in turn requires 6 weeks of Uni membership) so as to give them the chance of joining up with WHC for some time.

  • Mission Running (Mission Mondays are currently held at 20:00 game time)
  • Industry
  • Mining
  • PvP in Faction Warfare
  • Combat sites and sigs
  • Exploration (WHs/Relic & Data)
  • Mission Running
  • PvP in NPC null
  • Combat sites and sigs
  • Exploration (WHs/Relic & Data)
  • Mining (Back Pocket)
  • Industry
  • PvP in wspace and nullsec through the chain (Wednesdays and Fridays are the nights for this!)
  • Sleeper anoms and sites
  • Exploration (WH chain/Relic & Data)
  • Mining (Huffing a lot too!)

Applicants are also free to engage with these slightly more specialised campuses:

Campus Contacts

  • Highsec Campus
  • Low-Sec Campus
  • Nullsec Campus
  • Wormhole Campus
  • Incursion Community
  • Project Solitude
  • Amarr Mining Campus