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Zolpidemz is an EVE University graduate with a passion for New Eden's geopolitics and inter-alliance relations. He currently serves as Director of Diplomacy for EVE University and the Ivy League.

"What makes EVE Online unique is undoubtedly its very complex and mature player ecosystem, which is built on over two decades of individual capsuleers actions and decisions that collectively shaped the history of New Eden".

Since 2021, Zol held a number of roles within EVE University, as a teacher, a mentor and a senior fleet commander. As an officer, he also served as an Ivy League diplomat, an FC team officer and a senior orientation officer.

"EVE University is an integral part of EVE's history. As one of the oldest corporations in New Eden it helped tens of thousands of players to make their first steps in this immense world. I can't think of a better place for me to contribute to EVE's success and to give back to the next generation of capsuleers".

In his personal time, Zolpidemz is an avid combat pilot and fleet commander, enjoying all form of PvP from solo and small-gang roams, to complex strategic operations. He is also an obnoxious Jita 4-4 dweller who particularly enjoys station trading and market speculation.


Zolpidemz first entered New Eden on March 14, 2021 (YC123). After two weeks of lone struggle, staging out of Jita 4-4 and spending most of his time reading this very Wiki, he joined EVE University on March 27th. His first real home was the then High Security Campus (HSC) located in the system of Amygnon in Verge Vendor.

Officer Roles

  • Feb. 2024 - Current: Director of Diplomacy
  • Sept. 2023 - Feb. 2024: Diplomacy Manager
  • Nov. 2022 - June 2023: Diplomat
  • Nov. 2022 - June 2023: FC Team Officer
  • Nov. 2022 - June 2023: Senior Orientation Officer
  • Oct. 2021 - Nov. 2022: Orientation Officer


  • 2023.07.30: Order of Ivy League
  • 2023.07.07: Content Creator Medal
  • 2023.06.04: EVE University Donor Medal
  • 2023.04.16: EVE University Star of Unity
  • 2022.01.10: EVE University Graduate Medal
  • 2021.11.21: Service Medal of Excellence

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