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Please discuss my work-in-progress here!

Header Format

Need a bit of header format. == instead of === Yup, i can. --- Zetto Alter 21:42, 28 May 2014 (UTC)


I think the Griffin fit needs a rainbow instead of all Amarr?

I've added some text to discuss that, right below the fit. Does it make sense? Still go with a rainbow? --Antei

Needs a plate or MSE tank. Expect complete new player collapse and coms confusion. The veterans may know what modules to slap on, but I doubt the freshmen will. Either refit the griffins yourself before an engagement or have them already fitted with rainbow to cut down on micromanagement.-Karimson

You need some serious powergrid skills to be able to fit the MSE. I can't. I've seen your fit, and some others on the web, but even with a MAPC I don't have the skills. (I have the basic fitting skills, but I don't have full "Upgrades" skills.) The MSE I has base PGreq = 28, and the Griffin has base PG = 24. Plate is similar, but better because there's more levels (200mm only needs PGreq = 10). Getting rid of rocket launchers would help this. Unfortunate thing, of course, is that Griffin is already short on low slots.

Procurer fitting

The Procurer as stated there should be somewhat tanky. Maybe, instead of a damage control system for the Procurer, use a warp stab. Run the Procurer at 70-75% aligned speed. Kind of thinking out loud on that one. I can see the pros and cons to both setups. Reduced targeting speed is probably not a major issue, though. - Kazi

Yeah, trouble with Warp Stabs is they carry a 50% penalty to targeting range each. Now, the targeting range of the Proc actually gets buffed a bit in Kronos--up to 30 km--but one warp stab would cut that to 15 km. That would be a bummer, given that the Orca extends the laser range to 25 km; it would mean more frequent reversals. And it wouldn't help vs. scrams. But I can see where you're coming from. --Antei

A few suggestions

Noticed that you sometimes use 'warp-out' or 'warp out' or 'warpout', should try and be consistent. See the same with low-sec/low sec, warp-in/warp in, left-side/left side, etc.

Section 1, for final version should say purpose is to 'provide' vs. 'propose'.

Section 1.1, may want to drop the survey scanner from both fits and replace with more shield mods. Since in motion across belt won't really have option to pick specific rocks much. Just mine what's coming up since we're going to try and get all the rocks anyway. The comment about both disadvantages of procurer being enhanced with Kronos should probably be removed, once Kronos is here it won't really mean much.

Section 1.2, I'd take the part about using procurers as bait out completely, you never do gat back to it and I don't think it's something AMC should be doing during our own OP. One thing to play bait with NSC/WH/LCS fleet standing by but don't think we should do this ourselves. I'd also remove the personal references to yourself and Clutter, assuming the doctrine is to be used by others down the road may want to go generic (FC, Booster, etc.) You have the same type of reference when talking about the bookmark containers.

Had an idea about the Procurer/Ore Hauler problem you mentioned. Since the Procurers are moving they probably won't be able to reuse the same can and will need to create a new one each time. So why not position an MTU within range of the entire belt and let it pull all the canisters to one spot for the hauler. Don't normally want uncontrolled pulls in shared can but since cans can't be reused anyway why not.

I think a detailed example would help here, using the graphic you have. At what point to I warp in, what do I align to, when and to which point do I warp out. Then do I go back thru in other direction or warp to my original point and repeat. Not sure I completely understand the process.

Section 1.5.1 ECM Griffin fit. I fly this a lot on my main and find the rockets to be of little use and abit dangerous. You best chance to stay in the fight and survive is to stay at range. In close other ships/drones will chew you up fast and having short range rockets will temp folks to move in for a shot which is not a good idea. I sometimes fit a drone and put a drone link augmenter in a high slot to get a little dps but that's not really the griffin's purpose here.

Over all I think adding low-sec mining is a great idea and this doctrine is a good way to start, nice work.

Dagon/Taragon Shi

Awesome! I'll wait for others to have a chance to read before commenting/changing any of this, but I did want comment on the very first thing. Dashes are used to connect words in a compound modifier--a combination of an adjective and an adverbial adjective that modifies that adjective--that precedes a noun, but not when it follows the noun, or when the adjective is used as a noun. So, for example, I've formatted "AMC miners in low sec" and "low-sec fleets" differently.
Made some changes based on these comments. Thanks! --Antei