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It seems the string functions aren't activated.

Second "note" near the top of this page:

Note: ... you need to set "$wgPFEnableStringFunctions = true;" in LocalSettings.php


{{#len:testing}} -- should show the length of the string vs the formula.
{{#sub:caldari|0|3}} -- should return the sub-string "cal"

PS: You may want to adjust a couple of the string function limits up a little. Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron = 48 characters long. By default, a couple of the functions are limited to 30 char lengths.


Setting them to 60 or 90 should work for any string functions we'd need to do.


{{#replace: {{{ItemDescription}}} | Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron | PWNAGE }} -- it'd work to shorten descriptions or the like but not with a 30 char limit.

Thanks, --Mocam 20:22, 3 June 2010 (UTC)