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This guide is intended to introduce beginners to the visual cues EVE Online has for the various modules, so that you can recognise what's being done to your ship in combat (and hopefully, how to counter it). Each visual effect has an animated GIF illustrating what it looks like.
However in case the animations do not load properly each effect also has a link to a static picture as well. (static images coming soon)

WARNING: picture heavy!

Local Repair Modules

Armour Repairer

An armour repairer, as the name suggests, actively repairs the ship's armour whilst the module is active.

Visual2017 armor repairer.gif

The visibility of the armour repairer in action is limited to damaged sections of the ships model.

Hull Repairer

Just as the armour repairer repairs armour, the hull repairer repairs hull damage whilst active.

Visual2017 hull repairer.gif

You won't often see this in space, since active hull tanking is daft. Whilst similar to the armour repair animation. It will be visible only on damaged sections of the ships model.

Shield Booster

The shield booster does for shield what the two previous modules did for armour & hull.

Visual2017 shield booster.gif

The shield booster is easier to see. One thing which sets this apart from the armour & hull repairers is that the animation is offset from the ship surface.

Colour of shield hardening depends on ships faction of origin.

Active Hardener Modules

Armour Hardener

The armour hardener if activated increases armour resistance to incoming damage

Visual2017 armor hardener.gif

Colour of armour hardening depends on ships faction of origin, not the module or the resistance type itself.

Shield Hardener

The shield hardener if activated increases shield resistance to incoming damage

Visual2017 shield hardener.gif

Colour of shield hardening depends on ships faction of origin, not the module or the resistance type itself.

Assault Damage Control

Visual2023 assault damage control.gif

Visual effect is similar to warp stabilization effect.

Remote Repair Modules

Armour/Hull Repairer

The remote armour repairer is used to repair your fleet mates taking damage.

Visual2017 remote armor repairer.gif

Appears as a green and orange cone/cyclone which extends from the ship to the target. The remote hull repair module has exactly the same animation.

Shield Transporter

The remote shield repairer is known as a shield transporter, and repairs your fleet mates' shield damage. Note that despite its name, it does not reduce your own shield.

Visual2017 remote shield booster.gif

The shield transporter is seen as a blue star-burst and beam pointed at the target with a cone of blue rings moving towards the target.

Remote Energy Modules

For each of these modules, the ship on the right is activating the module, targeting the ship on the left.

Energy Transfer

Energy transfer takes a portion of your own capacitor and adds it to the target's. Thus, this is a module you use on a friendly ship to increase their capacitor.

Visual2017 remote cap transfer.gif

The golden beams shift, strobe and move violently when the module is active.

Energy Destabilizer

An energy destabilizer - also known as a neutralizer or "neut" - removes some energy of the target ship's capacitor. Thus this is a hostile module you would activate on enemy ships to shut down their active modules.

Visual2017 cap neutralizer.gif

This looks like an energy transfer effect, except blue & pink instead of gold.

Energy Vampire

Also known as a nosferatu or "nos" - the energy vampire takes some of the enemy's capacitor energy and adds it to your own. This can be useful for both annoying the enemy and helping to keep your own active modules running.

Visual2017 cap nosfaratu.gif

There is a red beam pointing towards the target with a shifting and spiraling red cyclone.

Tackle Modules

Stasis Webifier

Visual2017 stasis webifier.gif

The webifier doesn't have a ship-to-ship effect, just a kind of circular ripple effect around the target.

Warp Disruptor and Warp Scrambler

Visual2017 warp disruptor.gif Warp Disruptor

Visual2017 warp scrambler.gif Warp Scrambler

Both warp disruption and warp scrambling effects are imitating cone-like radio wave signals extending from ship to its target.

Interdiction Bubble

Visual2017 interdiction sphere generator.gif Interdiction Sphere Generator activation

Visual2017 interdiction sphere generator close.gif Heavy Interdictor activating Interdiction Sphere Generator

Visual2017 interdiction probe.gif Interdiction Probe activation

Anti-Tackle Modules

Warp Core Stabilizer

Visual2023 warp core stabilizer.gif

When a Warp Core Stabilizer is used, cyan pulsing effect is seen on the surface of the ship.

Interdiction Nullifier

Visual2023 interdiction nullifier.gif

The visual effect is similar to warp stabilization effect.

Electronic Warfare

ECM Jammer

Visual2017 burst jammer.gif Burst Jammer

Visual2017 sensor jammer.gif ECM Jammer

Modules designed for jamming targeting computers. Burst Jammer is universal area of effect module able to disrupt targeting computers in the vicinity.
ECM Jammer is a focused cone-shaped beam designed to disrupt specific targeting systems.

Please note, that ECM and Remote Sensor Booster signals are almost identical

Sensor Booster

Visual2017 sensor booster.gif Sensor Booster

Visual2017 remote sensor booster.gif Remote Sensor Booster

A sensor booster increases a ship's targeting range and locking speed, making it easier to catch and pin down ships.
It will also increase ships sensor strength making your ship less susceptible to jamming.

Tracking/Guidance Computer

Visual2017 tracking computer.gif Tracking Computer

Visual2017 remote tracking computer.gif Remote Tracking Computer

Tracking Computer boosts your turrets tracking speed and optimal range.
Guidance Computer boosts missile flight time and accuracy.

Sensor Dampener/Tracking Disruptor

Visual2017 tracking disruptor.gif Tracking/Guidance Disruptor

Visual2017 sensor dampner.gif Sensor Dampener

Tracking Disruptor will decrease turret tracking speed and optimal range.
Guidance Disruptor will decrease missile maximum flight time and accuracy.
Sensor Dampener will reduce ships maximum targeting range and locking speed.

Target Painter

Visual2017 target painter.gif

CAUTION - powerful laser radiation. Avoid direct eye exposure !
(but makes stuff easier to hit)

Weapon Systems


Smartbombs are bad news unless it's you doing it.  Don't wait around to get blown up and podded. Smartbombs are bright and obvious - a huge explosion-effect centred on the ship.

Visual2017 smartbomb plasma.gif
Plasma Smartbomb
(dealing Thermal damage)

Missile Warheads

Missiles, rockets and torpedoes go BOOM when they hit something.

Visual2017 warhead inferno.gif
Inferno Warhead
(dealing Thermal damage)

Turret Fire

There are three main turret types and each of them have two subtypes.
Distinct visual effects allow for easy identification.

Different ammunition types may/will change tracer colour

Non-Combat Modules

Cloaking Device

Your ship shimmers before disappearing from view.

Visual2017 cloak.gif

Tractor Beam

This shows as a fluctuating cone of light blue light towards the target bringing it closer to the ship.

Visual2017 tractor beam.gif


A beam of white light hits the target and salvage process begins.

Visual2017 salvager.gif


Visual2017 cargo scanner.gif Cargo Scanner

Visual2017 ship scanner.gif Ship Scanner

Visual2017 survey scanner.gif Survey Scanner

Cynosural Beacon

Visual2017 covert cyno.gif Covert Cynosural Field Generator is active

Visual2017 cyno.gif Cynosural Field Generator is active

Jump Portal

Jump portals can be generated only by Black-Ops and Titan class ships.

Visual2017 jump portal.gif Jump Portal is active

Visual2017 jump portal stop.png How actually YOU will see when Jump Portal is active (most of the times, since animation is HUGE)

Jump Drive

Black-Ops battleships, Jump Freighters and Capital-sized ships are capable of traveling to remote solar systems without the use of Jump-Gates.
All they need is Cynosural Field they can lock on to.

Visual2017 jump drive blobs.gif Black-Ops Jump Drive activation

Visual2017 jump drive cap.gif Capital Ship Jump Drive activation


Apostle entering Triage Mode

Visual2017 triage.gif


This guide has omitted some information due to its inaccessibility to the author. Please feel free to correct any mistakes, add more information or edit this list of graphical ship effects which were not included and need to be added in the future.


  • Regular Bombs
  • Bastion Mode on Marauders and Dreadnoughts
  • Entropic Disintegrator
  • Vorton Projector
  • Mutadaptive Remote Armor Repairer(?)
  • Harvesting Modules, such as Gas Scoop/Harvester and Mining Laser