West Ludorim

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West Ludorim
West Ludorim.jpg
Type Data center
Level 1
Location Engosi (0.8)
Beacon Republic Data Center
Affiliation Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic

West Ludorim is a level 1 Sebiestor Tribe (Minmatar Republic) data center agent located at Republic Data Center in Engosi.

The Graduation Certificate

Type Courier
Objective Retrieve 1x Minmatar Graduation Certificate (0.1 m3)
Rewards Minmatar Graduation Certificate (signed) and faction standing

This mission can be requested from three agents (West Ludorim, Rilbedur Tjar, and Albedur Vatzako) and thus can be completed three times. The ISK value of the reward is low, but it also awards faction standing.

The mission is simple: fetch one unsigned certificate from a nearby station and the agent will sign it for you.

The mission texts suggest that this was supposed to be the starting mission for the Shaman Secrets mission chain, but this connection is not implemented in game.