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Access Lists (ACL)[1], are lists that allow players to control access to a shared resource. They are used for Upwell structures and shared bookmarks.

The Access lists window is found in Neocom -> Social -> Access Lists.

Configuring access list

To create a new access list click the "+ New Access List" button at bottom left corner of the window.

To edit access list select it on the left side panel.

You can add pilots, corporations, or alliances by dragging them to the list. Alternatively you can use the "+ Add members" button to add new members from search results. There is also a special "Add everyone" button on bottom right corner. Having this "everyone" member is exactly what it says. It effectively adds everyone to the list.

Entries in the list are of four different kinds: admin, manager, member, and blocked. Admins can change every aspect of the list. Managers are able to see the list in their ACL window and thus can see the entries. Further, they can add member and blocked entries. Members gain the access rights which are granted to an ACL but cannot explicitly see if they are part of an ACL. Blocked entries explicitly don't get access which is useful to create exceptions to the everyone entry but can also be used to create exceptions when you added corporations or alliances. The everyone entry can only have the member status.

You can share lists through drag and drop into chat channels or EVE Mail. This way you can use ACLs created by others. Such links provide you with basic information about the ACL: its name, description, and all its admins but not managers.

There is a search function so search for entries inside a given list.

As of 2022, there is no API endpoint for access lists.

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Notes and references

  1. ^ The game calls it "Access List" but the concept is commonly called "Access-control list". Thus the abbreviation "ACL".