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At EVE University we aim to maintain a welcoming environment for members and non-members. In order to do this we have a set of rules which we expect members and guests to follow.

Where these rules apply

These rules apply in all EVE University communications including, but not limited to, the following:

  • All EVE University in game chat channels, including our public channel E-Uni
  • The EVE University forum
  • Both EVE University mumble servers (public and private)
  • EVE University campus and staff Slack
  • EVE University mailing lists
  • All normal fleet channels

What should be avoided

Members and guests should avoid any of the following:

  • Profanity of any kind
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist or otherwise discriminatory language or behaviour
  • Discussion on real life politics or real life religion
  • Sexual comments or discussion, including pornography of any kind
  • Personal attacks or derogatory comments against any other member or guest
  • Scamming or attempting to scam other members or guests
  • Disrupting or disrespectful behaviour
  • Begging for ISK or items

Bear in mind that culture has an effect here, and for example words which may not be profane in one culture may be so in another, so members and guests are asked to use their best judgement.

Enforcement of rules

Every member and guest should feel free to speak up if these rules are broken, or they are made to feel uncomfortable in any EVE University channel.

If required, the following people have moderation rights, so they can remove people if needed:

Where Moderators
Chat channels Depends on the channel. See Chat Channels and Mailing Lists for a full list
EVE University forum Each post and forum PM has an option in the bottom right to file a report. These are reviewed regularly by Directors
Mumble Directors, Personnel Officers and Orientation Officers have full moderation rights. Campus staff have moderation rights within their campus channel