Covert Ships Skillset

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Covert Ops

Primary Skills

  • (race specific) Frigate: V

Secondary Skills

    • NOTE: exploration skills not included

Other Related Skills (Stealth Bomber)

Recon Ships

Primary Skills

  • (race specific) Cruiser: V
  • Spaceship Command: V
  • (race specific) Frigate: IV

Secondary Skills

  • Recon Ships: I
  • Covert Ops: IV
  • Electronic Upgrades: V
  • Electronics: II
  • Engineering: II
  • Signature Analysis: V

Other Related Skills (Force Recon Ships)

  • Eletronic Warfare
  • Frequency Modulation
  • Long Distance Targeting
  • Long Distance Jamming
  • Projected Electronic Counter Measures
  • Sensor Linking
  • Signal Dispersion
  • Signal Suppression
  • Target Painting
  • Targeting
  • Turret Destabilization
  • Weapon Disruption
  • Energy Managment
  • Energy Grid Upgrades
  • Jury Rigging
  • Cloaking
  • Cynosural Field Theory V

Black Ops

Primary Skills

  • (race specific) Battleship: V
  • (race specific) Cruiser: IV
  • (race specific) Frigate: IV
  • Spaceship Command: V

Secondary Skills

  • Black Ops: I
  • Cloaking: IV
  • Electronics: IV
  • Jump Drive Calibration: IV
  • Jump Drive Operation: V
  • Navigation: V
  • Warp Drive Operation: V
  • Science: V
  • Astrometrics V
  • Jump Portal Generatior I
  • Covert Jump Portal Generatior I

Other Related Skills

Additional skills depend on the race of the ship, and how you plan to fly it. Having a base of support skills will make the difference between being useful, and being an expensive lossmail waiting to happen.

  • Electronic Upgrades
  • Long Range Targeting
  • Signature Analysis
  • Target Painting
  • Targeting
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Systems Operation
  • Jury Rigging
  • Jump Fuel Conservation