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Pathfinder was introduced in November 2019 as a replacement for our old mapping system.

Mapping is important to coordinate campuses' scanning and exploration and is vital for Wormhole Campus to ensure they have full knowledge of nearby wormholes.

Logging in to the Mapper

To view and contribute to the mapper, you need to log in via SSO:

Basic Functions

Selecting a Map

First thing you will want to do after logging in, is to select your required map. This will usually be your campus map, but you may also have a personal or shared map.
To do this, click the required map at the top of the map screen.

Mapper Map Select.png

Viewing the info for a System

Select a system to view information about it.

System Info

Mapper System Info.png

This panel shows the basic info of the system, security status, planets, sovereignty, faction and any notes.


Mapper Jumps.png

This panel should show the number of jumps, ship/pod kills and npc kills.
Very useful in determining how busy the system is, but not sure it is currently working.


Mapper Structures.png

This panel shows which structures are in system. They need to be manually added by a pilot pasting in their DSCAN info.


Mapper Stations.png

This panel shows which NPC stations are in system. This is automatically populated so should always be up to date.


Mapper Signatures.png

This panel shows signatures and anomalies for the system. They must be manually updated by a pilot.


Mapper Routes.png

This panel shows routes to specific systems. Jita is added by default. It will take into account any wormholes on the map.
You can add further systems to it.


Mapper Killboard.png

This panel shows any kills recently in the system. Very handy to show how dangerous and busy a system is.

Updating Signatures

Adding Single Signatures Quickly

To quickly add a signature (scanned or unscanned), select it in-game and copy (CTRL-C), then select the mapper and paste (CTRL-V).

Adding Single Signatures Manually

To add a signature manually, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have the correct system selected
  • Click the + button in the signatures pane
  • Add the Signature ID (the three letters shown in your signatures list. For example, if the ID is RFA-139, you just add RFA)
  • Select which type of signature it is
  • Add in the description
  • Press the + button on this row of information

Adding Multiple Signatures

There are two ways to do this:

Quick Way

  • Select all signatures in-game and copy (CTRL-C)
  • Ensure you have the correct system selected in the mapper
  • Paste (CTRL-V)

This updates those signatures, or adds them if they don't exist. You can then press the 'lazy delete' button in advance of pasting to automatically delete any signatures that aren't on your clipboard.

Detailed Way

  • Select all signatures in-game and copy (CTRL-C)
  • Ensure you have the correct system selected in the mapper
  • In the signatures pane, click the clipboard 'signature reader' button (to the right of the +), this brings up a more detailed window
  • Paste (CTRL-V) the signature info into the text field
  • Select whether to lazy delete the signatures that aren't in your paste - you should only do this if you've got ALL of the signatures copied from the system
  • You will be shown a table that shows what changes you are making, click 'update signatures' if happy with the results

This method is great for completely refreshing a system and clearing out any old signatures.

Manually Deleting Signatures

If you find the system contains a signature that no longer exists, you can easily delete it by clicking the red cross to the right of the signature.