Fleet Squad Member Duties

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As a member of any fleet, in addition to obeying the orders of your squad commander, wing commander, and fleet commander, taking on the following duties will help you and your fleet have a better experience in EVE Online:

  • Checking local for war targets, persons with a Suspect or Criminal flag, changes in status (non flagged to flagged), spikes up or down (in number), local communication that indicates passing of intelligence (mention of EVE University, blob, etc.).
  • Using the Directional Scanner (DSCAN -- see Directional Scanner Guide) to see if there are nearby ships capable of PvP, or combat probes.
  • Keeping an eye on your PvP overview tab (See the Overview Guide) for targets as well as potential enemy intel.
  • Keeping an eye out for gate flashes when performing an offensive or defensive gate camp (see Gatecamps).

Please direct your findings to your squad chat channel unless you are given orders by command to use Mumble (and then only as defined by command).

Example reports:

...War Target John Doe is in local.

...Local spike from 9 to 23; several new in local with GCC.

...See comments in local, they may know we are coming (copy and paste blurb from local).

...Dscan shows Hurricane, Harbinger, and Merlin; these ships are new on dscan in the past minute.

...BREAK BREAK Flashy Maelstrom, Maelstrom on grid. Pilot John Doe Maelstrom is under 50KM, the other pilot Jane Doe is 204 KM.


If you are in doubt as to whether or not to use Mumble to share something, unless it is open communication (open comms), then don't use Mumble. Do not use TS unless you were told so by your FC. Squad Members should use Squad Chat for questions as well as reporting with the possible exception of targets on grid which can go to Fleet chat. Prior to leaving the rally point of a fleet, check with your squad commander as to what he or she prefers you to do.

It is important for you to realize that a fleet works as a team with each member contributing. It is not another person's job to do the above tasks, it is your job. If you find there are other members in your squad doing the same thing you are doing, then pick another job or ask quick in squad chat as to splitting up the work. Never assume someone else will take care of these duties. Take the initiative, learn, and grow.