Reclamation (Caldari)

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name=Reclamation, Level 5

This article was copied from EVE-Survival by a partially automatic process. This article still needs to be checked and fixed by a human. You can help by editing it.

Thanks to JohnnyMnemonic. I borrowed a good portion of his page and changed what I needed to for the Caldari version.

Faction: Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace – no gate
Web/Scramble: All Frigates
Extras: Caldari Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs
Damage dealt: Kinetic/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic
Recommended ships: (1) Ishtar w/ Passive Tank and (1) Osprey w/ Shield Transporters. Possible to solo in an Ishtar but only if you arrive early and start sniping the frigates etc as they spawn.

Direct warp into Deadspace. No Gate


Initial Group:
Ships spawn steadily over 8 minutes. Ships 50 -100km from warp-in

Template:Image url="" title="Initial group that spawns over 8 minutes" alt="Initial group that spawns over 8 minutes"

12 x Frigates (Taibu State Nagasa/Shinai/Wakizashi Web/Scramble) 10 x Destroyers (State Shukuro Choji/Kamikaze) 6 x Cruisers (Taibu State Samurai/Bajo) 9 x Battlecruisers (State Shukuro Samurai/Bajo) 5 x Battleships (State Shukuro Shogun) 1 x Tower Sentry Caldari III 1 x Caldari Energy Vampire (Caldari Energy Neutralizer) 2 x Caldari Energy Neutralizer Sentry III

- Timed Spawns:

Spawns that appear over time, one at a time, in this order:

1 x Battleship (State Shukuro Nagashin) 1 x Battleship (State Shukuro Turushima Jamming) 2 x Battleship (State Shukuro Shogun) 2 x Battleship (State Shukuro Taisho) 3 x Caldari Tower Sentry III

- Neutralizer Spawns:

Just shooting each Neutralizer will spawn a total of:

4 x Elite Cruiser (Taibo State Daimyo/Shugo 30-35% Jamming for 20 seconds)

    • Note:** Attacking the Caldari Energy Vampie does not cause this spawn.

- Use a Passive Tank or plan a capacitor that receives an additional 120 units/s
- For the Timed Spawns WATCH OUT if you have drones or logistics in the area. The spawns will more than like target them first.
- Set drones to Passive if you don't want them triggering the Neutralizer Spawns. RECOMMENDED
- Destroying closest Asteroid Micro-Colony (62,000 hp) and it's spawn (State Shukuro Turishima) triggers Objective Complete