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Djavin Novienta is the former Wiki Manager for EVE University, where he was responsible for monitoring the daily operation of the UniWiki, as well as serving as the primary point of contact for the EVE community for wiki-related communications. He had previously served as an Orientation Officer, Reimbursement Officer; and a Teacher specializing in PvE and Amarr ships. He proudly holds the title of Cariest of Bears.


About My Role

The Wiki Manager manages the Wiki Team and oversees the updating and general maintenance of the UniWiki. It is the Wiki Manager's responsibility to ensure that the UniWiki is as accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-use as possible. The UniWiki is EVE University's service to the greater EVE community, and so the Wiki Manager, supported by the Wiki Team, strives to increase the value of that service as much as possible. As Wiki Manager, my primary focus is on the structure and organization of the UniWiki, though I also take on the usual editing and revision tasks as well. My particular areas of expertise are Amarr ships, missioning, combat summaries, and general copyediting. I am also the author of the UniWiki Manual of Style.

Former Roles

Orientation Officer

Orientation Officers have the responsibility of introducing new members to EVE University once they have been accepted. Where Personnel Officers are the intake specialists of the University, Orientation Officers serve as the face of EVE University to students once they've been accepted, and reach out to new members to ensure that they are settling in smoothly. Orientation Officers also act as a point of contact for members during their first few weeks in the corporation, answering any questions and pointing them in the right direction.


Teachers at EVE University, like all other staff, are volunteers who give of their time to educate both Uni members and non-members. All classes are open to the general EVE community, and our class calendar is also publicly viewable. If there is a class that is not currently being offered, players are encouraged to request it in the Class Request thread on our forum. Do keep in mind that, because all of our teachers are volunteers, there may not be a teacher with the relevant experience to give a particular class right away, but the teaching staff does their best to accommodate class requests, so as to provide the best educational experience possible.

Reimbursement Officer

Reimbursement Officers administrate EVE University's Ship Replacement Program, and process reimbursement requests submitted by unistas. Most Reimbursement Officers (like me) deal only with T1 hull replacement. Advanced ship replacement is generally handled by Campus Reimbursement Officers. Ship replacement is offered at Slays HQ, Lowsec Campus, and Nullsec Campus.

About Me

I started playing EVE back in 2011, and quickly found a place in Bishop Intergalactic Ventures, a member of the now-defunct Grim Enterprises. I played for about 2 years, then took a long break, and returned to EVE in the fall of 2016. Because almost none of my friends from years before still played, and because so much of the game had changed, I chose to join EVE University, and have decided to stay indefinitely. As long-term goals, I hope to become CEO of EVE University and to have a seat on the CSM.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about EVE University, if you're interested in joining the wiki team, have a suggestion to improve the UniWiki, or just to say hello. The best methods of contacting me are in-game via Evemail or on Slack, if you have access.

The Cariest of Bears

I dislike PvP and avoid it at all costs. Most of my "gameplay" involves fulfilling my duties as Wiki Manager, and I embrace this wholeheartedly. I rarely if ever venture into low- or nullsec, and I am a staunch advocate of learning and living primarily in highsec. That said, I will never discourage a new player from pursuing their fortune where it can best be found.

UniWiki Curator References

Wiki editing

UniWiki CSS

  • Body text color: #CCCCCC
  • Content background: #111111
  • Menu background: #080808
  • Wikitable: border 1px #AAAAAA, background #FFFFFF
  • Links: color orange (#FFA500)
Other colors
  • text color: wheat (#F5DEB3) - used for modules (although the contrast to the normal text is a bit weak)
  • text color: slate blue (#6A5ACD) - used for ice products
  • text color: white (#FFFFFF)
  • text color: salmon (#FA8072)
  • text color: sandybrown (#F4A460)
  • text color: coral (#FF7F50)
  • text color: lightgreen (#90EE90)
  • text color: darkseagreen (#8FBC8F)
  • text color: #0D7CFF (#0D7CFF)
  • text color: #9ef37c (used by EVE as mission text color)
  • text color: #7acdef (used by EVE as mission text color)
  • text color: #e56363 (used by EVE as info text color)




To Do

If you see something on here that you would like to work on, please feel free to do so. Not everything on my to-do list is something I'm capable of fixing at the time I add it to the list, so assistance is always appreciated!


  • Create sub-pages for all categories of Industrials
  • Create some way of identifying now-defunct ships (like Vherokior Probe) that no longer exist in the game.


Modules and Fitting

Module Stats Tables

  • Templates to control the formatting of
    • Item tables
    • Item tooltips
  • External website to output code (but leave formatting up to the MediaWiki templates)
    • Website also outputs a comment to tell users where to find the code generator, and a unique string to allow them to replicate the same output, but with updated parameter values

Exploration & Scanning

Missions & PvE

Faction Warfare


  • Add stats/attributes to Shadow



Core Game Mechanics

New Players

  • Merge "Exploration combat sites for new players"(Moved to Guide to combat sites) into appropriate article, or revise/delete

General Cleanup


UniWiki Organization & Meta

  • Create disambiguation page for Logistics terms
  • Create disambiguation page for "Trade"
  • Create UniWiki:Guides, as a meta-guide to writing guides. Move information currently at Category:Guides to this new article.


  • Paladin
  • Removed redundant information and "Development" headers from all ships.
  • Removed all deprecated Evelopedia links
  • Re-classified/labeled rookie ships as corvettes
  • Wrote guidelines for Category:Guides and removed "Guides" tag from inappropriate articles
  • Added redirects to individual skills
  • Created {{sh}} that functions similarly to {{sk}} for mentioning ships.
  • NeoCom
    • Revised "Main Eve Menu" section.
    • Obtained/added missing NeoCom icons.