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The Amarr Navy operates under the simple doctrine of applying overwhelming force to any given situation. The Amarr Navy has almost twice as many ships as the next two empire navies put together, though the quality of some of the Amarr ships are questionable as many of them have not been refitted for decades and are almost obsolete.


The history of the Imperial Navy stretches back to the beginning of the Reclaiming on the continent of Amarr, making it the oldest armed force in the cluster. In its time, the Navy has been a driving force in Amarr society, responsible for much of the Empire's advances in technology and exploration. The Navy's touch can be felt on every facet of the Amarr lifestyle, from the Emperor down to the lowest slave.

Nearly every corner of Empire space was first visited by the Navy's exploration corps, which investigates uncharted regions of space and surveys them for possible future conquest. First contact between the Amarr and nearly every other race in New Eden was facilitated through the Navy; sometimes peacefully, but often ending in violence.

The Imperial Navy is the largest naval force in New Eden, though much of the fleet has become obsolete in recent years. Its primary battle doctrine is one of overwhelming force, sending its large, well-armed and armored ships onto the field to mow down the opposition. This tactic served the Navy well for thousands of years, and between the launch of the Reclaiming beyond Amarr Prime and its meeting with the Jove Empire, the Navy could claim to have never lost a major fleet engagement.

It was the meeting with the Jove, however, that shattered the Navy's illusion of invulnerability. The Amarr Navy utilized a single squadron to attack the Jove at the Battle of Vak’Atioth. The squadron was only a fraction of the Navy’s full force, comprising a diverse mix of cruisers and battleships. The squadron was slow and bulky, but brought overwhelming force to the battlefield in the form of its laser weapons. The fleet was organized in a staggered line to bring concentrated fire on the enemy’s front, a typical Amarr deployment. Though the assault was capable of destroying stationary targets, once the Jove began moving, they were unable to concentrate fire. The fleet was almost completely destroyed once the Jove frigates pinned down the Amarr ships to be annihilated by the Jovian Mothership. Because Amarr doctrine did not allow for retreat, virtually every ship involved was destroyed. Those who retreated were executed and their families enslaved.

Shortly after, with the Navy in minor disarray, the Minmatar people used the opportunity to rebel and successfully drove the Empire out of their homes. The Navy recovered from this disaster, and over the next hundred years re-established itself as a major force to be reckoned with. However, the events of the Elder War found the Empire under a large-scale invasion from Minmatar forces, and the Navy was saved from another serious defeat by the arrival of Empress Jamyl I and her fleet.

Despite this black mark to the Navy's record, it remains a powerful fleet inside the Empire. Citizens with military records are held in high regard in Amarr culture, and families with a long history of military service elevate themselves within Amarr society. The Navy offers one of the few ways that someone can raise themselves from poverty. The fleet is remarkably non-discriminatory for an Amarr institution, accepting personnel from all bloodlines. Many people of Udorian, Ni-Kunni, and even Minmatar birth have served with distinction within the Navy.

The ascent of Jamyl I to the Imperial throne brings fears from the Navy’s detractors that the Imperial Navy will be transformed into an even greater institution. It remains to be seen what the full impact of her reign will have, but it continues to be one of the most powerful and capable forces in all of New Eden.

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