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This template is useful if you want to link to a skill page on the Uni wiki. It can be used to show different levels of information, from just a simple link, to additional information about rank, skillbook cost and skill multiplier (including tooltips (shown when the mouse is moved over the text) for the last two). It's recommended you use this template when linking to skills (instead of manually linking to the skills page), as it automatically tracks obsolete skill names or groups, making it easier to update the UniWiki when CCP next decides to change the skills in the game (for more information on how this works, see the documentation for {{GetSkillLink}}). Plus, using this template saves you having to go look up what group a skill belongs to :)


{{sk | skill | level | icon= | price= | mult= }}
Only the first parameter (skill) is mandatory, the others are optional.
The name of the skill you wish to link to. Please make sure it's capitalised properly (use title case spelling, i.e. Gallente Strategic Cruiser, not Gallente strategic cruiser).
If you would like to refer to a particular level or rank of the skill, you can enter it here. In keeping with the Eve conventions, use upper-case Roman numerals (for instance, IV, not iv or 4).
Use icon=yes to display a small skill icon Icon skillbook2.png in front of the link (to denote it as a skill) - this can be particularly useful in the middle of a paragraph. If you use icon=no or omit the parameter completely, then no icon will be displayed.
If you would like to indicate how much the skill book costs, use price=yes. If you use price=no or omit the parameter completely, then no price will be displayed.
If you would like to indicate what the skill's training time multiplier is, use mult=yes. The mouseover tooltip will give a rough indication of how long the training time for that skill will be. If combined with a level parameter, then the mouseover tooltip will show the training time to that specific skill level. If you use mult=no or omit the parameter completely, then no multiplier will be displayed.


{{sk|Mass Production}} gives Mass Production.
{{sk|Industry|IV|icon=yes}} gives Icon skillbook2.png Industry IV.
{{sk|Reprocessing Efficiency|price=yes|mult=yes}} gives Reprocessing Efficiency (3x, 300k ISK).
{{sk|Afterburner|mult=yes}} gives Navigation Afterburner (1x).
{{sk|Gallente Titan|IV|mult=yes|price=no}} gives Gallente Titan IV (16x).
{{sk|Wabbit-Hunting}} gives [[Skills:Wabbit-Hunting]].


This template uses {{GetSkillLink}}, {{GetSkillPrice}} and {{GetSkillMult}} to look up and display the correct skill link, skillbook price, and training time multiplier, respectively. Additionally, {{SkillTimeInfo}} and {{SkillPriceInfo}} are used to generate the tooltips for the training multiplier and the skillbook price.

See also

{{Skill}}, which produces the beautiful skill overview boxes used on the skill category pages.
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