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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template generates a tooltip (displayed when moving the mouse over the text) explaining what a skill training time multiplier is, and giving a rough indication of how long a skill takes to train.


{{SkillTimeInfo | multiplier | level }}
Enter the skill training time multiplier here, and add a lower-case "x" to the end, like 1x or 5x. If this argument is not specified, the template will display a 1x multiplier, but generate a (hopefully helpful) error message in the tooltip.
Enter the desired level. If this argument is not specified, the template will display times for levels I, III, and V.


{{SkillTimeInfo|3x|III}} gives 3x.
{{SkillTimeInfo|3x}} gives 3x.
{{SkillTimeInfo}} gives 1x.
{{SkillTimeInfo|{{GetSkillMult|Caldari Battleship}}}} gives 8x .
{{SkillTimeInfo|{{GetSkillMult|Caldari Battleship}}|III}} gives 8x .

See also

{{SkillPriceInfo}}, a similar template dealing with skill book prices.
{{GetSkillMult}}, a template which automatically looks up a skills's training time multiplier. You can use it to feed this template (as in the third example above), or just use the {{Sk}} template, which does it for you.

Implementation notes

The times shown in the tooltip were calculated for 1800 skill points per hour (= all attributes at 20), which is a good approximation, as basic characters have all their attributes at 20 except Charisma (which is at 19). In any case, the tooltip is meant to only give a rough approximation, as for most characters, their training time will be modified by implants or neural remaps.
Additionally, the template was constructed from plain text, instead of using a mathematical formula to arrive at the approximate training times. While this makes the template code longer, it's arguably more readable, and allows for rounding numbers for the sake of clarity.
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