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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template shows the price of a skillbook, and generates a small tooltip (displayed when moving the mouse over the text) elaborating on the price.
{{SkillPriceInfo | price }}
Enter the price of the skillbook (when bought from NPCs). How much the skillbook costs. Don't forget to add "ISK" after the price. If you would like to abbreviate large numbers (recommended for anything over 1 million), use k for thousand, M for million, and B for billion. If you don't have the exact price, then an approximation is acceptable (no need to put "~"). If there's a value range, put "-" between the two numbers (without spaces), and add the k, M, or B after the last number. Lastly, use "." for fractions and "," for thousands.
{{SkillPriceInfo|10,000 ISK}} gives 10,000 ISK.
{{SkillPriceInfo|5.2M ISK}} gives 5.2M ISK.
{{SkillPriceInfo|{{GetSkillPrice|Caldari Battleship}}}} gives 7.5M ISK.
See also
{{SkillTimeInfo}}, a similar template dealing with skill training time multipliers (and the inspiration for this template)
{{GetSkillPrice}}, a template which automatically looks up a skills's skillbook price. You can use it to feed this template (as in the third example above), or just use the {{Sk}} template, which does it for you.
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