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Icon skillbook2.png Unnamed Skill

Implants.png Attributes: Intelligence.pngMemory.png
Multiplier.png Multiplier: 1x
Isk.png Price: This skill is not seeded on the market.
It has to be obtained through one of the Loyalty Point Stores or as loot (e.g. through Exploration).
Alpha.png Alpha max level: Alpha pilot can not train this skill.
Icon skillbook2.png Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this skill.
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template creates the beautiful skill overview boxes used on the skill category pages.


| skill = Skill name
| desc = Description of skill
| 1 = Major attribute  
| 2 = Minor attribute 
| pre = Prerequisite skill(s)
| reqI = Skills or modules which require this skill at level I
| reqII = Skills or modules which require this skill at level II 
| reqIII = Skills or modules which require this skill at level III
| reqIV = Skills or modules which require this skill at level IV
| reqV = Skills or modules which require this skill at level V
| notes = Notes


The name of the skill. Please use spaces (no underscores), and capitalise it in the same way as in the game. So, for instance, skill=Pyroxeres Processing.
The description of what the skill does (copied directly from the game).
1 and 2
The primary and secondary character attributes which determine how quickly the skill is trained. Possible values: Intelligence, Perception, Charisma, Willpower, and Memory (please capitalise).
The prerequisite skill(s). These should use the {{sk}} template with a skill rank, as follows:
pre={{sk|CPU Management|I}}
If there is more than one prerequisite, create a separate link for each one, and separate them by commas:
pre={{sk|Refining|IV}}, {{sk|Mass Production|I}}
If the skill has no prerequisites, leave this blank.
Any skills, modules, charges, implants etc which require this skill at level I. If you would like to list more than one, separate them by semicolons, and link skills as with pre (see above). Leave blank if you don't need it. reqII through reqV work in a similar fashion.
Any notes or comments about skill which don't fit anywhere else (for instance, if the skillbook is only available from LP stores, this would be a good place to note this).


This template uses the {{GetSkillMult}}, {{GetSkillAlpha}} and {{GetSkillPrice}} templates to display the skill's training time multiplier, max level available to alpha pilot and skillbook price. It also uses {{SkillTimeInfo}}, {{SkillAlphaInfo}} and {{SkillPriceInfo}} to format these three values with tooltips (shown when the mouse cursor is moved over the text).

Usage notes

As {{GetSkillLink}}, {{GetSkillMult}}, {{GetSkillAlpha}} and {{GetSkillPrice}} have a list of all the skills in the game, when CCP changes/add/removes skills in a future expansion, it's no longer necessary to update this information on the skills category pages, but only in those three templates. If skill names change, then any pages with obsolete skill names will be listed in Category:Obsolete Skills, so that you can easily find and correct them.
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