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Scan the Can can be modified into a scanning event of any kind: probing down drones, MTUs, mobile depots or ships. This event's also a good exercise in scanning/combat probing, which applies to a bunch of other PvE and PvP activities in Eve.


Scan the Can usually involves participants competing to probe an object down the fastest. An example:

  • The event host places mobile depots at various safe spots in a system.
  • Participants use combat probing fits to scan the mobile depots down.
  • They warp to the mobile depots to pick up tokens of proof.
  • Sometimes event hosts store prizes like ship skins or skillbooks in secure containers anchored at the mobile depots.
  • At the end of the event, the participants turn in their tokens to claim their prize.

This was just an example, event hosts can change this format any way they like.


  • Every participant needs a combat probing fit. Providing everybody with the same pre-made fit makes the event more newbie-friendly and levels the playing field a little.
  • There are no required skills for this event that new players don't already have by default, but you can decrease your scanning time by training a couple of related skills (see Additional information).


This beginner explorer fit works as a good base for the level playing field version of a scanning event. Herons can be swapped out for Imicuses, Probes or Magnates depending on which faction the player has the highest frigate skill with.

[Heron, Heron] Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

Expanded Probe Launcher I

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

Combat Scanner Probe I x8

Additional information

  • For participants: set your probe window filter to show 'deployables' alone (or 'ships' or 'drones' depending on the event's objectives).
  • If you scan an unrelated object down, ignore that result so you won't scan it again by accident.
  • Train Astrometric Acquisition, Astrometric Pinpointing, and Astrometric Rangefinding to reduce your scanning time.