Thakor Udokas

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Thakor Udokas is a level 2 agent in Amarr COSMOS.

This agent gives only one very short mission.

Trial of Skill

Type Archeology
Objective Retrieve Runic Inscription
Rewards Amarr faction standing + timed bonus; random small storyline BPC
Extra Requires relic analyzer

Mission briefing
The Museum Arcana is a private establishment where connoisseurs of all things old and arcane can pursue their interest. Within you will find many collectors from all over, but I must warn you that they are fervent followers of their chosen hobby and do not suffer fools or over eager treasure hunters.

We do not let just anyone enter the museum. You have proved that you possess at least rudimentary knowledge of archaeology, but to pass into the museum proper you must first complete a little task I will set you. My formal title is the Doorkeeper, but I seldom use it. All you have to do to pass this little test is analyse the little casket beside me. There is a runic inscription hidden there somewhere, and I want you to bring it to me. You can also find the key to the gate leading to the museum, so look closely. The key you can keep, and it grants you full access to the museum. Just to make this a little interesting I will give you a good bonus reward if you manage to complete your assessment of the casket in less than 5 minutes.

Hack the can next to the agent. Note that the bonus reward timer is very short so do not accept the mission until you are ready to hack, or even better accept the mission after you have the item.

Go through the First Gate to access both the relic container and the agent. Do not go through the second gate. Set your agent finder to 'Distribution' 'Level 2' to access agent and start conversation.