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This article should be cleaned up or improved. The reason is: Opportunities have been removed from the game with the introduction of the new NPE in Ascension, and more focus has returned to Career Agents.

When you're first born as a capsuleer into the New Eden universe, your guide to how things work for you as a pilot are collectively known as "tutorials." At one time Tutorials themselves were a specific handful of introductory missions given by the agent Aura where she had you do a few very basic things and then sent you on your way to a nearby system to speak with any of the five available Career Agents located there. This initial tutorial system has now been replaced with Opportunities, a New Player Experience designed to be able to show you a lot more, without holding your hand through a theme-park style of game-play, for which EVE Online is not designed to provide. Many players coming into EVE Online are very used to the theme-park style of introductory and follow-on game-play. EVE Online isn't meant to be that and it can be difficult at times for new players to then break away from expecting that if they are allowed to start out that way.

Many veteran and experienced pilots are here to help new players with what to do and how to get started. They often refer to the Career Agents as "tutorials." There are five Career Agents in each of three starter system locations within each Empire faction's highsec space. They offer Military, Industry, Business, Exploration, and Advanced Military chains, or arcs. All but the Exploration agent offer a series of 10 missions, with the Exploration agent offering 5.

It is highly recommended that you complete all the mission chains (or arcs if you will) given by the five career agents in a given starter system, even if you already know what career you want to pursue. The missions give a good overview of some of the mechanics of the game, good financial rewards for a beginner character, and provide free items such as skillbooks, faction standing gains (for which some pilots will return and run the other agents still available just for the standings), ships and modules. It is also good to have a basic idea of how each career works. For example, even if you don't plan to do any exploration, it is good to have an idea of how other players are able to scan and find you while you are in space doing any number of activities.

Below is a list of the notable rewards you get for completing various Career Agent missions.


Basic Tutorials


Opportunities are the new pilot's guide into the vast universe of New Eden and EVE Online. When your character first enters the game you presented with a pop-up from Aura who tells you that she can show some of the Opportunities New Eden has to offer.

000 Opportunity Aura.png

You will then have available near the top left of your screen (under the System and Route information and menus) the Opportunities menu.

000 Opportunity Text.png

You can hide or expand this as you wish by clicking on the Opportunities icon, in the form of the "shield". You can toggle it completely from the "shield" icon located above your current system information on screen.

Now by clicking on "Show all opportunities" (with the tri-hexagonal icon) you will then open the Opportunities Map: 001 Opportunities Show-all-opportunities Map.png

You can interact with this Opportunities map to customize which opportunities you'd like to currently follow. It does have a legend to show you your progress. Some opportunities will only become available as you complete others.

001b Opportunities Lets-Get-Moving Click-on.png

As you can see, you'll be presented with some basic information on how to complete the current opportunity you are working.

Check out the New Player Experience video by JonnyPew Vanguard update NPE

At some point you will most likely get an Opportunity pop-up that directs you to talk to and get a mission from a mission agent. You can go ahead and try any agent you can access, but chances are without further assistance you'll find completing the level 1 missions available to you fairly difficult. EVE University recommends that you access the Career Agents simply by opening your Help window from the NeoCom (the "?" icon), or simply use the keyboard shortcut of "F12" to open this, and look for the forth section labelled "Career Advancement." There you will see a button, "Show Career Agents." Clicking this will open a window that will give you the five closest unique Career Agents currently available to you. You can then click on the button located to the right of the agent labelled "Set Destination" and you will generate a route you can follow to get to their station. Just as a note, if you right-click on a contextual name in-game, be it an agent, a station, a system, you can generate a route or waypoint to that location.

You're now on your way to the Career Agents. There are three sets of five agents per faction, but they all offer identical missions.

Military Agent

Cash Flow For Capsuleers

Part 1: Small weapon (e.g. Dual Light Beam Laser for Amarr)
Part 2: Motion Prediction skillbook, racial combat frigate (e.g. Executioner for Amarr)
Part 3: Propulsion jamming skillbook, 2 small weapons (e.g. 75mm Gatling Rail I for Gallente, 125mm Gatling Autocannon I for Minmatar)
Part 4: 1MN Afterburner
Part 5: Shield Management skillbook
Part 6: Limited Ocular Filter implant
Part 7: Small Armor Repairer I
Part 8: Weapon Upgrades skillbook, 2x Overdrive Injector System I
Part 9: Stasis Webifier I
Part 10: Racial combat frigate (e.g. Tristan for Gallente, Merlin for Caldari, Rifter for Minmatar), Sharpshooter skillbook

Industry Agent

It is possible to overlap these agents, for example, when you're waiting for a manufacturing job to build.

Making Mountains of Molehills

Part 1: Miner I laser
Part 2: Frigate (Venture)
Part 3: Expanded Cargohold I. The Industry skill (rewarded for completing Part 1) will need to be trained to level 1 to complete this
Part 4: Miner I laser (Granted item: Afterburner skill)
Part 5: 1MN Afterburner I, Expanded Cargohold I
Part 6: Cap Booster 25 BPC
Part 7: Overdrive Injector System I
Part 8: Shuttle Blueprint (ex: Civilian Gallente Shuttle)
Part 10: Frigate Blueprint, Industrial Ship (Iteron for Gallente, Sigil for Amarr)

Business Agent

Skillbooks: Survey, Salvaging, Hacking, Contracting, Negotiation, Trade, Retail, Cybernetics, Production Efficiency. It's recommended you do the Industry missions (see above) first to get the Miner I module.

Balancing The Books

Part 1: Courier mission - awarded Mining Frigate skillbook
Part 2: Salvaging mission - awarded Venture mining frigate
Part 3: Mining mission - awarded Reprocessing skillbook
Part 4: Hacking mission - awarded Hacking skillbook & Civilian Data Analyzer (Hacking tutorial will be opened and if you click all steps you will be awarded with Negotiation and Contracting skillbooks)
Part 5: Courier mission - awarded Expanded Cargohold I & Overdrive Injector System I
Part 6: awarded Mass Production skillbook & Miner I. Go through Market tutorial in Help to get Trade & Retail skillbooks
Part 7: awarded Civilian Relic Analyzer & 1MN Afterburner I
Part 8: Courier mission - awarded Limited Social Adaption Chip
Part 9: awarded Expanded Cargohold I & Advanced Industry skillbook
Part 10: Industrial production - given Infrared S BPC, Antimatter Charge S BPC or Scourge Rocket BPC and awarded racial Industrial ship (Iteron for Gallente, Badger for Caldari, Sigil for Amarr, Wreathe for Minmatar)

Exploration Agent

Some players have difficulty with the probing system. You can watch some videos here: [1] for a demonstration of the new probing mechanics.

The UniWiki also has a probing guide available: Scanning & Probing

Part 1: On Board Scanning mission - awarded Survey skillbook
Part 2: An Introduction to Cosmic Signatures mission - awarded Frigate (Navitas for Gallente, Probe for Minmatar, Tormentor for Amarr), Core Probe Launcher I, 8 Core Scanners, Civilian Data Analyzer & Civilian Relic Analyzer
Part 3: Data Site Scanning mission - awarded Hacking skillbook
Part 4: Relic Site Scanning Mission - awarded Archaeology skillbook
Part 5: Gas Site Scanning mission - awarded Racial Exploration Frigate (such as Amarr Magnate)

Advanced Military Agent

Main article: Advanced Military Career Funnel Chain

Read the mission descriptions carefully when doing the Advanced Military path. Two of the missions require losing your ship, so make sure you use the ship supplied by the agent and get platinum insurance. The Advanced Military Agent will give a Letter of Recommendation that can be used to enter the NPC Factional Warfare corporation. Factional Warfare Guide

Skillbooks: Propulsion Jamming, Remote Armor Repair Systems (Amarr and Gallente) or Shield Emission Systems (Minmatar and Caldari), Small Energy Turret (Amarr), Light Missiles (Caldari), Drones (Gallente), Small Projectile Turret (Minmatar), Destroyers.


When you first begin the tutorial in EVE your first mission will be given to you by a tutorial agent at the station in your starter system. After you complete that mission, you will be directed to contact the career agents. These agents are found in a nearby solar system, and will provide you with missions that will give you a very basic overview of some of the many career choices in EVE.

Career agent also provide a significant standing boost to their associated faction.

Each career mission Base faction gain No.of parts
Exploration ~0.99%/~1.25%/1.5% 5/5
Business 1.5% 10/10
Industry 1.5% 10/10
Military 1.5% 10/10
Advanced Military 1.5% 10/10

Note:(You only get the standing gain by finishing the last part of mission for a career agent and those mission will be highlighted yellow and name as Storyline mission.)

Note 2:( Exploration base % depend on the faction you are doing for amarr = ~0.99% caldari/minmatar = ~1.25% gallente = 1.5% dont ask me why, ccp just hate everyone except gallente :P)

Possible standing gain from finishing three set of agent for one faction

Set Gain starting from 0 standing
1 ~0.702
2 ~1.354
3 ~1.962

Note:(You also take standing hit for rival faction)

Thus by finishing 2 set of career mission can help unlock level 2 mission for that faction.

If you plan on applying to join Eve University, it is required that you have at least started, if not completed, all the career agent missions.

Starter Systems in EVE

These are the starter systems in EVE. Each one has a single station, and a single Level 1 Quality 0 agent ("Aura," the ship-board computer persona) who will provide you with your first two missions during the tutorial. The system at which you start in is dependent on the corporation you pick when you create the character, for instance, creating a new Minmatar player with a corporation of "Republic Military School" will place you in Ammold - which happens to be the nearest starter system to Aldrat.


  • Sehmy VIII - Moon 2 - Hedion University
  • Emrayur III - Moon 1 - Royal Amarr Institute
  • Chaven VIII - Moon 1 - Imperial Academy


  • Hulm VIII - Moon 2 - Republic University
  • Ammold V - Republic Military School
  • Ryddinjorn VI - Moon 2 - Pator Tech School


  • Cistuvaert V - Moon 12 - Center for Advanced Studies
  • Duripant VII - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy
  • Bourynes VII - Moon 2 - University of Caille


  • Todaki VI - Moon 1 - School of Applied Knowledge
  • Kisogo VII - State War Academy
  • Amsen VI - Moon 1 - Science and Trade Institute

Note that every character can access the final starter missions one time at each location. The rewards are minimal, and the end result is to send you to the nearest set of Career Agents (listed below). However, if after leaving your school you decide to visit one of the other schools, the first mission you are given grants you a rookie ship of the race associated with the school.

Career Agents and Systems

You can locate your career agents at any time by clicking on the help button in your NeoCom. At the bottom of the help window, you will find a button labeled 'Show Career Agents'. Clicking on that button will bring up a list of your career agents. Clicking on the 'Set Destination' button will set your autopilot to the career agent's location. You can only do each career agent once so please do not quit any of their mission you will not be able to talk to them again if you do.

The following are the career agents and systems in EVE:


  • Solar System - Akiainavas
    • Abishi Tian - Industry
    • Pusamon Arnen - Business
    • Shiokala Notaja - Advanced Military
    • Unachi Arikola - Exploration
    • Yamonen Petihainen - Military
  • Solar System - Jouvulen
    • Anmon Otsi - Advanced Military
    • Ikonaiki Ebora - Military
    • Kirvas Ohvali - Industry
    • Ochishi Veilai - Business
    • Rimaremi Tasanen - Exploration
  • Solar System - Uitra
    • Chigas Ovoken - Exploration
    • Hakkaras Ihora - Business
    • Ijumachi Vuonolailen - Advanced Military
    • Ranta Tarumo - Military
    • Kokseri Velen - Industry


  • Solar System - Malukker
    • Artgert Ardreas - Advanced Military
    • Eurbibad Kird - Business
    • Stird Odetlef - Military
    • Uba Virserin - Industry
    • Wettor Fugen - Exploration
  • Solar System - Hadaugago
    • Fykalia Adaferid - Military
    • Gonakis Eraettafrin - Advanced Military
    • Albo Onurbad - Exploration
    • Latorfani Aldimund - Business
    • Stedad Yrmori - Industry
  • Solar System - Embod
    • Arninald Beinarakur - Military
    • Bradondar Alfalur - Exploration
    • Dalofer Mattore - Business
    • Harbuko Bedgimund - Industry
    • Sut Bjar - Advanced Military


  • Solar System - Conoban
    • Aire Arryns - Exploration
    • Hadana Avyer - Advanced Military
    • Jiekan Jepen - Business
    • Zafarara Fari - Military
    • Zhesar Sungestot - Industry
  • Solar System - Pasha
    • Aswamih Omid - Business
    • Joas Alathema - Military
    • Kiamarian Nagakoun - Advanced Military
    • Raish Okarema - Exploration
    • Zidah Arvo - Industry
  • Solar System - Deepari
    • Aldu Nat - Business
    • Chakh Madafe - Military
    • Ketandia Iosos - Exploration
    • Navai Mosten - Advanced Military
    • Sherkah Ashek - Industry


  • Solar System - Clellinon
    • Cala Baliaerdt - Advanced Military
    • Houve Raennere - Industry
    • Loict Mensier - Business
    • Olarie Lacenten - Exploration
    • Seville Eyron - Military
  • Solar System - Couster
    • Aernolaert Bruelle - Business
    • Agalle Vacoloure - Exploration
    • Gosauvel Aulbres - Advanced Military
    • Hasier Parcie - Military
    • Timestre Facent - Industry
  • Solar System - Trossere
    • Antogase Pandon - Business
    • Berlimaute Remintgarnes - Military
    • Ettes Alureel - Advanced Military
    • Potillot Mumnier - Exploration
    • Voenins Blune - Industry

Retired Career Agents

This is a list of retired career agents, added as they are discovered.

  • Jarck Feritte
  • Nedastier Lerveine
  • Nutsu Kummabainen
  • Sakenta Ahari
  • Sorilen Aseri
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