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Gallente COSMOS mission
Agent: Jannegiers Estacan
Agent location: Natura Seminary (Audaerne)
Standings required: none
Parts: (1 of 4), (2 of 4), (3 of 4), (4 of 4)

ObjectiveDeliver 100x Fertilizer (150 m3)
Rewards244,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
Something just came up that's right up your alley.

My name is Jannegiers Estacan, and I'm the Chief Indoctrination Officer for the Friends of Nature in this area. I bring new recruits in and teach them all about the wonders of nature and how awful the corporate behemoth is ... as the 12th Prophet put it, "trying to put an ISK sign" on everything that grows naturally in this splendid universe of ours.

I also oversee most of the supplies that come to and from our fair little seminary. As a matter of fact, I have something on my desk right now that requires the attention of someone fast and competent. Couldn't help but notice that fine-looking vessel you're flying there. One of our fertilizer shipments was ambushed yesterday, and we need someone to replace what's missing. If you can find us 100 units of fertilizer, we'd be much obliged.

The agent wants you to bring him fertilizers. You can buy the Fertilizer from the nearby Dodixie Trade Hub or produce it yourself through PI.