Aisha Gojivi

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Aisha Gojivi is a level 3 agent in Caldari COSMOS located in Friggi - Bandit Hideout.

Nefarious Business – A Small Favor (1 of 4)

Mission briefing
Some associates of mine over at the Nugoeihuvi publishing station in system need some, uh, props delivered to them. Just a few completely fake small arms, that's right. Nothing real, nothing dangerous, certainly nothing that could, ya know, kill anyone. Entertainment materials, you understand. Heh heh. If you can show me you're trustworthy, I may have something else for you later on. What do ya say?

Transport 2500 Pistols (5000.0 m3) to given destination.

Nefarious Business – Songbird (2 of 4)

Mission briefing
I just got word that an operative working for the Hyasyoda corporation is about to make his way out of this system. Apparently, he's carrying evidence of several months' worth of "illicit arms deals" between the Nugoeihuvi corporation and my own. It's all complete hogwash, of course, but at this point in time neither our bosses nor our investors could stand to take the PR hit and the bothersome investigation that would no doubt follow.

This troublesome rodent has just left the Nugoeihuvi station in system, and my associates and I would be much obliged if you could find time to dispose of him for us. His name is Motani Ihura, and he hangs around in the contested mining facilities here in-system. Retrieve the evidence and bring it back to me, and you'll be even further within my good graces. How about it?

Provide 1 Nugoeihuvi Transaction Logs (1.0 m3) from the Contested Caldari Mining Facilities in Friggi.

Nefarious Business – Friendly Competition (3 of 4)

Mission briefing
A few independent gun runners have been poking their noses around in my system, undercutting my business. I've decided this won't go on any longer, and they will have to die. If you want to act as the arbiter of my wrath, I'll reward you handsomely. I don't know if these fellas are working for someone or if they're acting independently, but if you succeed in your task it won't matter anyway. So what do you say?

Deadspace stage 1 guards:

2 Gun Runner (cruiser)

2 Gun Runner (frigate)

Nefarious Business – Texas Scramble (4 of 4)

Mission briefing
Okay, there's been a spot of trouble. It seems the gun runners you hit for me earlier weren't no small timers, but contractors for a much bigger individual, one I'm not so sure I want to go up against. For your sake as well as mine, I need you to remain absolutely quiet about the business we've done together. I also need you to do one last job for me, one which I'll pay you handsomely for. I'm going to lay low for a while, so I need to set up a paper trail leading to somewhere else while I prepare to make my escape. If they find me here, I'm done for.

I need you to take these documents and get them to an associate of mine in a nearby station so he can start pulling the wool over their eyes. This is extremely important, and if you do this for me I'll give you one of my prized "Revolver" Railguns, tweaked to perfection by my very own self. What's your answer?

Transport 1 Doctored Arrivals & Departure Logs (0.1 m3) to given destination.