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Scheduling Information

Time: duration is usually estimated around 4 hours.
Meet at: Amygnon - Citadel 101
Chat channel: fleet chat
Mumble comms: any available fleet comms.


This fleet is all about showing off EVE University and everything cool you can try out and learn in this awesome learning institution.

Fleet will start in HSC and will be moving around all campuses of EVE University.

This event is giving each campus a chance to tell us about what they do, and what you can expect if you join them. We may be inviting people of the Mentor Department to tell us a little of what they can do to help you out.

The current tour plan involves

HSC (High Security Campus)
LSC (Low Security Campus)
NSC (Null Security Campus)
AMC (Averon Mining Campus)
WHC (Wormhole Campus)
Incursion Fleet (maybe)
Uni-Bombers (maybe)

Sometimes we even run into some Titans!


- Please come in a fast frigate. An afterburner is not a must, but highly recommended.

- We will be going into Nullsec, so only fly what you can afford to lose!

- Anyone can join.

- Please arrive at the meeting point 30 minutes in advance, if you have not attended the Fleets 101 class yet. A quick introduction into fleet operations will be given in the 30 minutes before the main event starts. At a minimum, you need to be comfortable with the fleet window, the peoples & places window, and be able to follow commands of your fleet commander precisely.


An afterburner or MWD is recommended, in case you run into a warp bubble while we travel through Nullsec. But it is not a must.


Things to learn! Cool sights! Tons of entertainment and maybe even death!


Mumble is mandatory, since it is used for fleet commands and the campus presentations. It is enough if you can listen.
Overview needs to be set up according to the EVE University standard.

Additional Information

Some impressions of what may await you during this tour can be found here.